Jiayin Yuan

Jiayin Yuan

Associate Professor

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Works at Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Telephone 08-16 23 91
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 16 C
Postal address Institutionen för material- och miljökemi 106 91 Stockholm

About me

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Information about research can be found at ResearcherID website or through ORCID



Our mission is to design, create and investigate functional polymers and carbons via simple chemistry and processing, and apply them to provide materials solutions. The team deals with both fundamentals in polymer science / carbon research, and the forefront challenges in materials science and engineering.

Currently, one of our focuses is the synthesis and materials application of poly(ionic liquid)s, a class of multifunctional polymers that are produced from ionic liquids. These polymers carry a traditional profile of polymers and simultaneously maintain some distinctive properties of ionic liquids, therefore representing a new concept to build up task-specific functional polymers. Our activities on this topic cover new polymer structures and properties, the colloidal particle systems, porous polymers and their membranes, and responsive materials.

Recently, our interest in polymer-derived hetero-atom-doped porous carbons for energy, environment and sustainability applications grows thicker and turns into our new research strength.


Publication statistics (by Jul. 2018, Web of Science, full publication list on the right)
Papers in journals: 141, Book chapter: 6, patents: 2, H-index: 41

Career Development

2018-now Associate professor at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Associate professor at Clarkson University, New York State, USA

2015-2016 Senior research group leader and ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant project leader at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Germany

2013-2017 Associate member in International Max Planck Research School "Multiscale Biosystems"

2011-2014 junior research group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Germany 2009-2010 Post-doc researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Germany

Academic Education/Track

2011-2015 Habilitation in “Polymer/Colloid chemistry” at Uni Potsdam, Germany (“Poly(ionic liquid)s: innovative polyelectrolytes for materials application”) supervised by Professor Markus Antonietti

2005-2009 PhD in polymer chemistry (summa cum laude) at Uni Bayreuth, Germany (“One- dimensional hybrid nanomaterials based on cylindrical polymer brushes”) supervised by Professor Axle H. E. Mueller

2002-2004 M. Sc. in macromolecular chemistry, Uni Siegen, Germany (“Study of Reactions of Melamine Model Compounds with Isocyanates”) supervised by Professor Werner Mormann

1998-2002 B. Eng. in applied chemistry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P. R. China supervised by Professor Xuefeng Qian

Award and scholarship

2017  “Wallenberg Acdemy Fellowship” from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Sweden
2016  “Dozentenpreis des Fonds” (Career Award for Young Chemists, 3 awardees annually) of the Foundation of German Chemical Industry (FCI)
2015  Dr. Hermann-Schnell Award (Career Award for Young Polymer Scientists, 1-2 awardees biannually) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
2014  European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant Award (“nanoporous asymmetric poly(ionic liquid) membranes” NAPOLI-639720)
2013-2015  Best Performance Annual Award (“Gewährung einer Leistungsprämie”) at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Germany
2009-2010  Max Planck Society Postdoc Fellowship
2009  Otto-Warburg Award in Bayreuth, Germany for Best PhD Thesis in 2009

Professional Services

  • Associate adn then Chief Editor for J. Macromol. Sci. Part A since 2018
  • International advisor board of the Wiley-VCH journal “Macromolecular Rapid Communications” and “Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics.” since 2017
  • Editorial board member for “Scientific Reports” from Nature Publishing Group (2018-)

  • Member of YAE (Young Academy of Europe) since 2015
  • Editorial board of the Elsevier journal “Applied Materials Today” since 2015
  • Co-organizer of 2 symposiums in ACS Fall meeting in Boston in Aug. 2015 and in Aug. 2018 (scheduled). Topic: "Ionic Liquids in Polymer Design") 
  • Co-organizer of workshop for Marie-Curie-ITN RENAISSANCE (Training Network in Innovative Polyelectrolytes for Energy and Environment) in Potsdam Germany (2012)
  • Guest editor of 2 special issues “Ionic Liquids in Polymer Design” in Wiley journal “Macromolecular Rapid Communications” (2016, 37, 14), and “Polymerized Ionic Liquids for Emerging Technology” in the Elsevier journal “Polymer” (2014, 55, 16)
  • Regular referee service for Journals (more than 80 manuscripts per year)
  • Referee service for Foundations/fundings: Carl-Zeiss-Foundation, Department of Energy in USA, ACS PRF in USA, Israel Science Foundation, French National Research Agency, Estonian Science Foundation, Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund, European Research Council external reviewer and National Science Foundation in USA.

Funding and Granted Projects

2018-now  Wallenberg Academy Fellowship

2017 Startup Grant in Clarkson University (terminated from 2018)

2016-2018 Foundation of German Chemical Industry (FCI, suspended from 2017).

2015-2021 ERC Starting Grant 2014 “Nanoporous Asymmetric Poly(Ionic Liquid) Membranes” (1.5 Mio. €). (suspension period Feb.-Dec. 2017)

2015-2017 Host for Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship, project “Conjugated Porous Ionic Networks and membranes”.

2015-2019 EU project “High Energy Lithium Sulphur Cells and Batteries for Automotive Application (HELIS)” within the framework “Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation”. (joint project with Prof. Markus Antonietti)

2015-2016 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) project “When pillar[5]arenes meet poly(ionic liquid)s: host–guest interactions for shape-memory gels” (with Zhejiang University, China.)

2014-2016 Biomimetic actuator project within the International Max Planck Research School on "Multiscale Biosystems" in Potsdam/Berlin, Germany (joint project with Dr. John Dunlop)

2014-2015 MAXNET project “new binder for electrochemical devices” (joint project with Prof. Markus Antoniett)

2012-2016 EU project, COST MP1202 “Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces”, role as Management Committee Supplementary. Granted collaboration project with Stockholm University.

2012-2016 EU Marie-Curie ITN “Training network in innovative polyelectrolytes for energy and environment”. Coordinator for the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and co-supervisor of 2 PhD students (joint project with Prof. Markus Antonietti) .

2012-2015 Joint International Laboratory between Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany and National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (joint project together with the other two German PIs)

2014-2015 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) project “Light-Absorption Enhanced PIL Membrane for Conversion of Solar Energy into Chemical Energy” (with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Teaching activity

2011-2016 At Uni Potsdam, Germany

Bachelor students in Chemistry “General Chemistry”, “Polymer Chemistry I” and “II”.

Master and PhD students in Chemistry “Modern Aspects of Colloid Science”

Master students in Chemistry “Biopolymer”

2014-2016 In Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany

PhD students in IMPRS (International Max Planck Research School) on Multiscale Bio- Systems) “Synthetic biomimetic actuator” and Membrane structures and applications”

2017/2018 In Clarkson University, USA

Undergradudate (from 3rd year) and graduate students “Fucntional polymer materials”

Undergradudate and graduate students “Better Materials from Chemsitry”

Undergraduate and graduate students "Colloids and Interfaces"(with Dr. Weiyi Zhang together)

Supervision activity

8 PhD theses completed (co-supervised with Prof. Markus Antonietti and Dr. John Dunlop)

1 Master thesis completed

1 Bachelor thesis completed

9 Postdocs supervised.

Activity as host

For 3 guest professors, 1 AvH Postdoc Fellow, 9 exchange PhD students, 3 exchange postdocs, 2 exchange master students.

For applicants

We mifht time by time have open PhD and postdoc positions in the general field of polymer, carbon and materials science at the moment, which you could apply through the Stolkcholm University or the MMK department homepage.

We will support application for EU-funded projects (ITN or Marie Skłodowska-Curie action) or other types of scholarships and Fellowships. Please drop an e-mail at: if interested


Full pubications


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