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Klas Hultqvist

About me

I have a background in accelerator-based elementary particle physics at CERN, but am currently active in astroparticle physics at the Oskar Klein Centre at SU. I lead the research group at Fysikum which studies neutrinos from processes in the Universe, mostly within the international IceCube collaboration. IceCube is an enormous neutrino observatory constructed at the geographic south pole. It was completed in 2010, and in 2013 we announced the discovery of an astrophysical flux of high-energy neutrinos which we are not investigating more closely - a completely new way to study the Cosmos. There are plans for improving the IceCube detector, now that we know more about the neutrinos from space.

In addition to research I have taught many courses over the years in most branches of physics, in particular in electromagnetism and experimental methods.