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Lisa Harber-AschanResearcher

About me

I am a social epidemiologist interested in health inequalities across the life-course, and understanding their relationship to the social inequalities that underpin them. My research uses population health survey data, electronic health records and register data to study these topics, with a specific focus on mental health, multimorbidity, the interplay between mental and physical health, and service use inequities.

I currently work as a postdoc at the Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) on the interdisciplinary project REFU-GEN – Intergenerational Adaptation of the Descendants of Refugees. The project uses longitudinal population register data to study the outcomes of children and grandchildren of refugees across multiple domains of life. Within the project, my focus is on the mental and physical health of children of refugees in early adulthood, and their relationship to socioeconomic circumstances, residential context and family formation.

Research projects