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Marie Berlin

About me

Marie Berlin is a doctoral student in sociological demography at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. She is also research assistant at the Department of Social Work at Stockholm University, and investigator at the National Board of Health and Welfare.


Her thesis focus on school performance, socioeconomic background and long term outcomes for vulnerable children after primary school. Currently her research is mainly on children and youth in societal out-of-home care, including a research collaboration on societal out-of-home care in the Nordic countries together with Marianne Daehlen, Antti Kääriälä and Mette Lausten. During 2018 she is also participating in a research project on substance abusers who were in inpatient drug treatment in the early 1980s, together with Ninive von Grieff and Lisa Skogens at the Department of Social Work. At the Department of Evaluation and Analysis at the National Board of Health and Welfare, she is working with register studies on children and youth in vulnerability.

Publications, manuscripts and reports in selection

Berlin M, Mensah T, Lundgren F, Klingberg G, Hjern A, Vinnerljung B & Cederlund A. Dental care consumption among young adults who were in societal out-of-home care as children – a Swedish national cohort study. Manuscript submitted in 2017.

von Greiff N, Skogens L, Berlin M & Bergmark A. Mortality and cause of death among a cohort of 1163 substance abusers who were in inpatient drug treatment in the early 1980s. Manuscript submitted in 2017.

Daehlen M, Kääriälä A, Berlin M, Lausten M & Hiilamo H. The educational disadvantage among vulnerable youths: How early school leaving among youth placed in out-of-home care varies across four Nordic countries. Manuscript submitted in 2017.

Tandhälsa bland unga vuxna som varit placerade. Registerstudie av tandhälsa och tandvårdskonsumtion bland 20–29-åringar som varit placerade i heldygnsvård under uppväxten. Socialstyrelsen; Rapport 2014-11-3,, februari 2016.

Förskrivning av psykofarmaka till placerade barn och ungdomar. Socialstyrelsen; Rapport 2014-11-3., november 2014.

Vinnerljung B, Sallnäs M & Berlin M. Placement breakdowns in long-term foster care – a regional Swedish study. Child and Family SocialWork 2014.

Lager A, Berlin M, Heimerson I & Danielsson M. Chapter 3 Young people's health in Health in Sweden: The National Public Health Report 2012. Scand J Public Health 2012 40: 42.

Berlin M, Vinnerljung B & Hjern A. School performance in primary school and psychosocial problems in young adulthood among care leavers from long term foster care. Children and Youth Services Review 2011;33:2489–2497.