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Markus Fjellström


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Works at Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies
Telephone 08-16 21 76
Visiting address Wallenberglaboratoriet, Lilla Frescativägen 7
Room 220
Postal address Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur 106 91 Stockholm

About me


I started my PhD studies at the Archaeological Research Laboratory in October 2014. In my research, I am mainly focusing on past human economies and pre-Christian societies through the study of food cultures, mobility patterns and climate changes in Northern Fennoscandia and Sápmi from Late Iron Age to early historical period (ca. 900-1800 AD). As method for studying diet and mobility I am concentrating on stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and strontium) as well as elemental analysis tracing possible lead intoxication at some specific sites.

As food is a strong social binder, knowledge about food cultures is contributing to the interpretation of social, economic, religious and in some way political conditions that once existed in prehistoric and historic societies (Eriksson 2003:7ff, Fornander 2011:13ff). Dietary information is gathered in both bone and teeth elements from individuals where each element represent food intake during a specific time of age, during the time period that the individual lived (Howcroft 2013:42).

Together with Anna-Kaisa Salmi and Tiina Äikäs from Oulu University and Marte Spangen at UiT - the Arctic University of Norway I am also part of the research group OSSO (Osteological Studies of Sámi Offerings).   


Docent, Gunilla Eriksson, Archaeological Research laboratory, Department of Archaeology and Classical studies, Stockholm University

Pr., Kerstin Lidén, Archaeological Research laboratory, Department of Archaeology and Classical studies, Stockholm University

Fil. Dr., Lars Liedgren, Antiquarian at Silvermuseet and the Institute for Subarctic Landscape Research (INSARC).


Publications (in selection):

  • Salmi, A.-K., Äikäs, T., Spangen, M., Fjellström, M. & Mulk, I.-M. 2018. Tradition and transformation in Sámi animal-offering practices. Antiquity 92(362): 472-489.
  • Wallerström, T. 2017. Kunglig makt och Samiska bosättningsmönster. Studier kring Väinö Tanners vinterbyteori. Institutt for sammenligende kulturforskning. Novus forlag, Oslo.
  • Bäckström, Y., Mispelaere, J., Ingvarsson, A., Fjellström, M. & Britton, K. 2017. Integrating isotopes and documentary evidence: dietary patterns in a late and early modern mining community, Sweden. Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological sciences.
  • Sten, S. et al. 2016. Erik den heliges skelett. Fornvännen 111.
  • Salmi, A.-K., Äikäs, T., Fjellström, M. & Spangen, M. 2015. Animal offerings at the Sámi offering site of Unna Saiva – Changing religious practices and human–animal relationships. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 40: 10-22.
  • Fjellström, M. 2011(a). Stable isotope analysis and ethical issues surrounding a human skeleton material from Rounala in Karesuando parish. Masteruppsats, Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet, Stockholm universitet.  
  • Fjellström, M. 2011(b). Plundrad kyrkogård. Kranier berättar för arkeologer. Populär arkeologi 4:10-11.


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