Wilhelm Östberg

Wilhelm Östberg

Docent i socialantropologi

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Works at Department of Human Geography
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Room X 323
Postal address Kulturgeografiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Associate professor in social anthropology.
Affiliated researcher at the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University

Research areas:
Environmental perceptions in rural East Africa.
Long-term change in East African rural societies

Traditional art in Africa.

Publications, selection:

[With Lotta Lagercrantz] ”Konst, pengar och poser i Shanghai”. Respons #2, 2019: 9-13

[With: Camilla Årlin, Lowe Börjeson] ”Participatory Checking and the Temporality of Landscapes: Increasing Trust and Relevance in Qualitative Research”. Pp. 345 – 365 in The Oxford Handbook of Historical Ecology and Applied Archaeology, ed. by Christian Isendahl and Daryl Stump. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Wero Kositet: The bard of Marakwet. Kenya Past and Present. Vol. 45, p. 59-66. 2018

[With: Olivia Howland; Joseph Mduma; Dan Brockington]. "Tracing Improving Livelihoods in Rural Africa Using Local Measures of Wealth: A Case Study from Central Tanzania, 1991–2016." Land 7 (2), 44:1-26. 2018.

”Sluttande plan för Lööf” Dagens ETC/debatt, 6 april 2018

[With Martina Angela Caretta] Kerio Valley, 1973-2013: A case study of Kenyan smallholder agriculture. African Studies 76(3):402–422. 2017.

Bringing back the trees. Kenya Past and Present, 2017, #44: 11-22

Newly digitized 100-year old recordings bring African song and dance to life. Blogpost, Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, 2017. Source:

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[With Martina Caretta, Lowe Börjeson, Lars-Ove Westerberg.] Labour, climate perceptions and soils in the irrigations systems in Sibou, Kenya & Engaruka, Tanzania. Stockholm University: Department of Human Geography. Also available in, Swahili and Marakwet. 2014.

- "Irrigated fields are wives: indigenous irrigation in Marakwet, Kenya." Pp. 197-214 in Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Modifications, ed. by N. T. Håkansson and M. Widgren, editors. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. 2014.

- Nyttan av en halv kalebass. Berättelser om föremål från Afrika. Stockholm: Carlssons. 2012

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“The coveted treasures of the Kingdom of Benin.” Pp. 52-71 in Whose Objects? Art Treasures from the Kingdom of Benin in the collection of the Museum of Ethnography, ed. by Wilhelm Östberg. Stockholm: Etnografiska museet, Kulturperspektiv 23. 2010.

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[With Tor Arve Benjaminsen, Ian Bryceson, Annika Dahlberg, Karin Holmgren, Lars Johansson and Mats Widgren] ”Svenskt bistånd ska rädda miljöfarligt etanolprojekt”. DN DEBATT, 14 april 2009

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Land is Coming Up. The Burunge of Central Tanzania and Their Environments. Stockholm University: Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology, 34. 1995.

[With Clas Lindberg, Vesa-Matti Loiske and Claude Mung'ong'o]: Handle with care! Rapid studies and the poor. PLA Notes 22: 11-16. 1995.

Myt och vetenskap om bushfolket. Den stora Kalaharikontroversen. Tvärsnitt 1994(2):28-37, 1994.

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