Petra Dotlacilová

Petra Dotlacilová


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Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Telephone 08-674 74 92
Postal address Institutionen för kultur och estetik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Petra Dotlacilova is a PhD student at Theatre Studies of Stockholm University. 

Previously she studied Italian Philology at Charles University and Dance Studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, specializing in eighteenth-century European ballet. From 2014 she participates in the research project “Performing Premodernity”, which is connecting interdisciplinary research group of international academic and artistic scholars devoted to studying the musical and theatrical ideals, practices and conditions between 1760 and 1815. Between 2015 and 2017 she collaborated with Emmy Noether-Nachwuchsgruppe “Ritualdesign für die Ballettbühne: Konstruktionen von Volkskultur im europäischen Theatertanz (1650–1760)” directed by Dr. Hanna Walsdorf at Leipzig University.

Petra co-organized several research workshops on the topic of costume and dance, where groups of scholars discussed theoretical and historical issues (‘Body Dance Costume’ in Leipzig, November 2016) or practical implications (‘Costume & Light’ at Confidencen Theatre in Stockholm, October 2017) of historical costume. She also collaborated at the performance productions of the research group Performing Premodernity Pygmalion (2015, Český Krumlov, Stockholm/Riddarhuset), Lucile (2017, Stockholm/Riddarhuset) and Le devin du village (2019, Stockholm/Confidencen) as costume researcher/advisor.


In 2019, an anthology Dance Body Costume. Prospektiven 2 was published by Leipziger Universitätsverlag, which Petra co-edited together with Dr. Hanna Walsdorf. 

Her doctoral thesis “Costume in the Time of Reforms: Louis-René Boquet Designing Eighteenth-Century Opera and Ballet” is focusing on French designer Louis-René Boquet (1717–1814), on the early modern costume for opera and ballet, and its transformation in the age of Enlightenment.

Abstract and information about the dissertation

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