Pär Frohnert

Pär Frohnert


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Works at Department of History
Telephone 08-16 33 89
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 D, plan 9
Room D 948
Postal address Historia 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I made my PhD in history in 1993 at Stockholm University and was appointed associate professor at Lund University in 2000. My research, teaching and tutoring of PhD-students has developed my areas of competence. These are Swedish refugee and migration history during the 20th century, German history 1933-1945 with the focus on the Holocaust, and German and international postwar history with a concentration on the Holocaust as a historical memory, and Swedish early modern history with the focus on the relation between state and subjects.


Present research areas:

  • Refugees and migration during the 20th century (Sweden)
  • The Holocaust in West German/German historical culture, 1960-2000

1) In 2017 I concluded a commission for The Migration Studies Delegation; see below.

At the present I’m chiefly doing research on refugee relief organisations in Sweden 1933-1945. Before 1939 there was no state refugee relief and so called “refugee committees” played a crucial role both in order to help refugees obtaining a residence permit in Sweden and with their provision.

Completed research

I started my research work within early modern history. My dissertation Kronans skatter och bondens bröd. Den lokala förvaltningen och bönderna i Sverige 1719-1775(= The taxes of the state and the peasant’s bread. The local administration and the peasants in Sweden 1719-1775) (1993) dealt with local administration in the countryside as a surface of contact between state and subjects. In connection to the dissertation I also wrote a larger survey on Swedish administration during the Age of liberty (1985) which still is relevant.

I have participated in a German legal history project on early modern European legislation within “police” (German ‘Policey’, Swedish ’politi’). “Politi” meant something like “good order” and was a central concept in contemporaneous legal and societal discourse.


Repertorium der Policeyordnungen der Frühen Neuzeit. (Herausgegeben von Karl Härter und Michael Stolleis). Band 12. Kungariket Sverige och hertigdömena Pommern och Mecklenburg. Utgivet av Karl Härter, Jörg Zapnik och Pär Frohnert, Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main (2017)

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