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Rebecca Ye

About me

As a sociologist of education and work, my research takes place at the intersection of education and labour markets, and pays special attention to vocations, trajectories and temporality. These studies have allowed me to analyse education-to-work pathways that are institutionalised as well as pathways that are emerging and anticipatory. Relatedly, I have conducted research on educational processes and organisations with long histories (*elite institutions), newer educational forms (*higher vocational education), and processes that are undergoing change (*transnational education strategies). 

I am Associate Professor / Docent at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. In previous years, I have been a visiting academic at the Nanyang Technological University and the UCL Institute of Education. Before life in academia, I worked in the foreign service as well as conducted research for policy and practice at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore. I earned my PhD in Sociology at Stockholm University and Master of Science in Sociology at the University of Oxford.

Current projects that anchor my research at the crossroads of the sociology of education and work:

Together with Margarita Chudnovskaya and Erik Nylander, we are working on an in-depth, mixed methods project that examines the expansion of higher vocational education (yrkeshögskolan) in Sweden. Drawing on register data, interview data and archival material, we combine approaches from sociology, demography and education to examine processes of differentiation and selection in participation, how changes in participation are taking place alongside expansion and population changes, and how justifications for higher vocational education participation are enacted. This project is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

In a second stream of research, I revisit the notion of "sponsored mobility" by examining a specific type of education to work trajectory: one where students are selected early and sponsored to study abroad in elite universities, with the obligation to return to their home country to take on a vocation in the public service. The project analyses institutional stability and change in a national scholarship programme and identifies the kinds of modification in the valorisation of knowledge acquired by future governing elites over time. 

More on my ongoing research can be found here, and on my teaching commitment and service activities here.


My experience in teaching in higher education spans programmes in Sociology and Education, at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and in both methodological and theoretical courses.

Presently at the Department of Education at Stockholm University I am involved in teaching at the Master's level on courses such as: Theory of Science (7.5 credits, course leader from HT 22), Educational Planning: Theory and Practice (7.5 credits, course leader from HT 22), Methods in Educational Research (15 credits), Education and Development (7.5 credits), Specialised Literature (7.5 credits), Utbildningspolitik och pedagogiska praktiker (7.5 credits). I also supervise masters and doctoral theses.

Previously at the Department of Sociology, I taught on the cross-departmental masters programme in Human Relations on Sociological Perspectives on Organisations, as well as methods courses and Sociological Theory at the undergraduate level. 


Selected publications

Ye, Rebecca, Chudnovskaya, Margarita and Erik Nylander (2022). Right competence at the right time -- but for whom? Social recruitment of participants in an expanding higher vocational education segment in Sweden (2005-2019). Adult Education Quarterly, Online first.

Ye, Rebecca (2021). Testing elite transnational education and contesting orders of worth in the face of a pandemic. Educational ReviewOnline first.

Ye, Rebecca. (2021). Schooling for government: institutionalised sponsored mobility and trajectories of public service scholarship recipients in Singapore (1979-2018). Journal of Education and Work, 34(4), 518-532.

Ye, Rebecca. (2021). Rituals of vocational socialisation: faith-building in higher vocational education for weak-form occupational pathways. Vocations and Learning14(2), 353-368.

Ye, Rebecca and Erik Nylander. (2021). Deservedness, humbleness and chance: conceptualisations of luck and academic success among Singaporean elite students. International Studies in Sociology of Education30(4), 401-421.

Ye, Rebecca. (2020). Reality tests: navigating education to work transitions into weak-form occupations. Journal of Education and Work, 33(3), 242–253.

Ye, Rebecca. (2018). The Aspirants: How Faith is built in Emerging Occupations. Stockholm Studies in Sociology, New Series no. 73. (Doctoral dissertation, monograph).  

Ye, Rebecca. (2016). Transnational Higher Education Strategies into and out of Singapore: Commodification and Consecration. Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia 4(1), 85-108.

Ye, Rebecca, and Erik Nylander. (2015). The transnational track: state sponsorship and Singapore’s Oxbridge elite. British Journal of Sociology of Education 36(1), 11-33.

*This article has also been included as a chapter in the following books: 

Elites in Education: Major Themes in Education, edited by Agnes van Zaten (2018)

New Sociologies of Elite Schooling, edited by Jane Kenway and Aaron Koh (2017)

Selected public scholarship pieces

Ye, Rebecca (2021). Lucky in a meritocracy? Examining conceptualisations of luck and academic success in Singapore. AcademiaSG.

Ye, Rebecca (2020). Student migration during a global health pandemic. Discover Society.