Sara Hellqvist

Sara Hellqvist


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Works at Department of Criminology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 C, plan 6
Room C 688
Postal address Kriminologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm


Introduction to scientific method, introduction to criminology


Research area: Wrongful convictions and the criminal conviction review process

Offenders who consider themselves as wrongfully convicted can file a petition for review. If the application is granted and the conviction is overturned, it is possible for the applicant to get a more lenient punishment or to be exonerated. Conversely, there is also a procedure for the opposite situation. A criminal case can be reopened and a defendant who previously had been found not guilty can be tried for the same offence again.

The purpose of the dissertation is to examine different aspects of revision in criminal cases and to study the review process both from broad and in-depth perspectives. Sweden is also examined in the context of other nations’ conviction review systems. The research questions are answered within an interdisciplinary framework where the criminological approach also includes features of e.g. law, sociology of law, and psychology.



Hellqvist, S. (2017). The narrow road to exoneration: The incidence, characteristics and outcomes of wrongful conviction claims in Sweden over a one-year period. Bergen Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, 5, 131-153.

Sundling, C., Nilsson, M., Hellqvist, S., Pendrill, L. R., R, E., & Berglund, B. (2015). Travel behaviour change in old age: the role of critical incidents in public transport. European Journal of Aging.

Hellqvist, S. (2015). Felaktiga domar och resning i brottmål – ett resningsinstitut för vem? Paper presented at The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK), Stavern, Norway, May 2015.

Hellqvist, S. (2014). Sociala insatsgrupper i Huddinge kommun. Utvärdering av ett projekt riktat mot unga i riskzon för en kriminell livsstil. FoU Södertörns skriftserie nr 131/14.

Last updated: January 29, 2020

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