Samaneh Khaef


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Works at Department of Human Geography
Telephone 08-16 48 89
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Room X 340
Postal address Kulturgeografiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me


My academic experience started with a Bachelor’s Degree in urban studies at the University of Tehran, continued with Master Degree in urban and regional planning at the University of Tehran and landed in the second master in spatial planning with GIS application at ITC in the Netherlands. My peculiar educational journey through different scales and contexts helped my understanding of cities in global contexts.

Speaking of increasing migration flow all around the world and also my main activities in related migration projects and studies, I chose migration trajectory as the main focus of my Ph.D.

Indeed I would like to see how social mobility in term of education have spatial translation and what can we say about different immigrant educational trajectory.

I am a member of the research profile Population Geography, Migration, and GIS at the  Department of Human geography.  I am also a student affiliated with the SPaDE collaboration working on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe.



- Course coordinators of GIS and human geography (Geografiska informationssystem och kartografi)

- Geographical information processing and analysis (geografisk informationsbehandling)

- Geographic methods (Geografiska metoder)

- Swedish geography ( for exchange students)

- Essay on Swedish geography ( for exchange students)

- Business intelligence in human geography (Omvärldsanalys)


- Advanced Methods in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning (AMIKOS)

Research interests:

Migration, residential mobility, social mobility, segregation, ethnic segregation, educational inequality, school segregation, contextual effects, educational trajectory 


1- Samaneh Khaef, Esfandiar Zebardast, 2016, Assessing Quality of Life Dimensions in Deteriorated Inner Areas: A case from Javadieh Neighborhood in Tehran Metropolis,SocIndic Res (2016) 127:761–775, DOI 10.1007/s11205-015-0986-6

2-Khaef, S., the relationship between immigrants' location in Italian cities and schools, European Commission, 2017, JRC110187.


- SUDA Demographic Colloquium. "Registry of education in Sweden: A gold mine for migration research?" October 2019, Stockholm university

- European Network for Housing Research, ENHR. "Role of education in the initial sorting of immigrants in Sweden, August 2019, Athens

- 10th International Population Geographies Conference. "Role of education in the initial sorting of immigrants in Sweden".  July 2019, Loughborough University, UK 

- PopFest. "The educational enrolment trajectories of refugees in Sweden:  How enrolment history impacts labor market integration", 2019, LSE, London





Last updated: February 13, 2020

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