Tiziana Sardiello. Foto: Juliana Wiklund

Tiziana Sardiello


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Telephone 08-674 70 66
Visiting address Frescativägen 14A
Room 464
Postal address Stockholms centrum för forskning om offentlig sektor 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Tiziana Sardiello holds a PhD in Sociology from Stockholm University. Other than her teaching position at the Department of Sociology she is also a research fellow at the Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (Score) at Stockholm University.


Tiziana Sardiello is the director of the following courses:

  • Organizational Theory (Organisationsteori), 7,5 ECTS
  • Human Resource Management (Personalarbete), 15 ECTS  

She is also a supervisor and examiner of bachelor and master theses.


Tiziana Sardiello’s research interests include organizational governance and management systems, HRM practices, organizational culture and change, entrepreneurship and social innovation, qualitative research methods and new institutional theory. Her doctoral thesis centered on the role played by institutional pressures in shaping recruitment practices targeting top-executives in start-up companies in Stockholm and Silicon Valley. Current research projects focus on:  alternative forms of organization (e.g. mutuals and cooperatives) and their role as mediators and catalysts for social innovation; the adaptability and sustainability of Swedish municipalities’ (with a focus on the Social Services) working methods during grand societal challenges (e.g. the reception of refugees or the recent Covid 19- pandemic); the implementation, dismantling and overlapping of management and leadership systems and models (e.g. NPM, trust-based management and coaching leadership) in the public administration and their impact on organizational culture and working practices.   

Tiziana Sardiello has been a visiting research scholar at Stanford University and Harvard University. In 2017, she was one of the researchers selected by the Swedish government’s Trust Delegation (Tillitsdelegationen) to investigate the implementation of trust-based management systems in the Swedish welfare sector.

Last updated: April 16, 2021

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