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Sunnee BillingsleyProfessor of Sociology

About me

Sunnee Billingsley is Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University’s Demography Unit and Department of Sociology.

Her expertise includes a broad range of topics, spanning post-socialist demography to the demographic imprint of social mobility in Sweden. Her main interest is in how social stratification, social policy, and social change shape population dynamics and life chances. Billingsley is engaged with current issues as well, for example new research on COVID-19 mortality and reproductive health aspects of climate change.


Five most recent publications (full CV in link on right):


Billingsley, S, Neyer, G., & Wesolowski, K. (2022). Social Investment Policies and Childbearing Across 20 Countries: Longitudinal and Micro-Level Analyses. European Journal of Population, 38: 951-974.


Eriksson, H., Billingsley, S., & Brandén, M. (2022). Parental leave within the workplace: A re-assessment of opposite educational gradients for women and men. Sociology, 56(5): 1032-1044.

Wesolowski, K., Billingsley, S. (2022). Family policies: How do they differ around the world? In J. May and J. Goldstone (Eds.), International handbook of population policies (pp. 383-396). Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Billingsley, S., & Oláh, L. (2022). Patterns of Co-residential Relationships across Cohorts in Post-socialist Countries. Less time for childbearing? Social Inclusion, 10(3): 87-99.


Billingsley, S., Brandén, M., Aradhya, S., Drefahl, S., Andersson, G., & Mussino, E. (2022). COVID-19 mortality across occupations and secondary risks for elderly individuals in the household: A population register-based study. Scand J Work Environ Health, 48(1): 52-60. https://doi:10.5271/sjweh.3992  


Research keywords

Social policies, social mobility, fertility, mortality, health, family dynamics, economic context

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