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Sunnee BillingsleySenior Lecturer

About me

I am mostly interested in the relationships between demographic patterns and social stratification, social policy or social change. My research has involved both comparative and micro level analyses of fertility and mortality trends and has spanned the post-socialist world to Sweden.

Five most recent publications (full CV in link on right):

Grace, K., Billingsley, S., Riper, D.V. (2020). Building an interdisciplinary framework to advance conceptual and technical aspects of population-environment research focused on women's and children's health. Social Science & Medicine 250: 112857.

Härkönen, J., Billingsley, S., Hornung, M. (2020). Divorce trends in seven countries over the long transition from state socialism: 1981-2004. In D. Mortelmans (Ed.) Divorce in Europe (pp. 63-89). Springer, Cham.  

Billingsley, S. (2020). Sick leave absence and the relationship between intragenerational social mobility and mortality: Health selection in Sweden. BMC Public Health 20(8): doi:10.1186/s12889-019-8103-4  

Billingsley, S. (2019). Intragenerational social mobility and cause-specific premature mortality. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0211977.

Svallfors, S., & Billingsley, S. (2019). Conflict and Contraception in Colombia. Studies in Family Planning, 15(2): 87-112.


Research keywords

Social policies, social mobility, fertility, mortality, health, family dynamics, economic context

Research projects