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Cecilia Schwartz

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Works at Department of Romance Studies and Classics
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About me

I am associate professor in Italian and have taught Italian at all levels. I have supervised student projects for Bachelor's , Master's and PhD's degrees.

My research is  focused on transnational and translational aspects of Italian literature: I study how Italian literature circulates and reaches Swedish readers through translators, introducers, publishers, libraries and universities. In a transnational perspective, I am interested in the dynamics between semi-peripheral cultures - such as Sweden and Italy - especially from a gender perspective. I have participated since 2016 in the national research program Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literatures ( In addition, I collaborate with Mickaëlle Cedergren (SU) in a project about literary mediation and I participate in Laura Di Nicola’s (La Sapienza, Rome) project about Italo Calvino as a transnational author.


I teach Italian at all levels, mainly courses in literature.


Research areas: comparative literature, sociology of translation, reception, literary mediation, world literature, fantastic literature, children's literature


Ongoing research projects:

“Made in Italy. A diachronic study of literary circulation and translation in the semi-periphery”

The project is part of the research program “Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literature” (RJ) and has a translation sociological profile aimed at highlighting different parts of the inflow and circulation of Italian literature to Sweden from the late 19th century to today. The focus is on the efforts of translators and other literary mediators, as well as consecration processes, translation criticism and gender criticism.

“Literary mediation of Romance languages ​​in the Nordic countries”

The project aims to highlight how literary texts from the Romance languages circulate in the Nordic region by focusing on intermediary individuals and institutions. The project is a collaboration with Mickaëlle Cedergren (SU) and has a research network from all over the Nordic countries. The network organizes conferences, workshops and courses and has published a special issue of Moderna språk (2016, n.2) on literary mediators.

“Classici italiani nel mondo: Calvino tradotto”

International research project on the translation and circulation of Italo Calvino’s works in the world. In my subproject, I focus on Calvino’s works in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The project is directed by Laura Di Nicola at the Fondo Calvino tradotto (La Sapienza).

“The narrated North: nordicity as form, function and fiction in Italian contemporary literature”

The project investigates, based on theories of geocriticism, imagology and literary discourse analysis, the construction of the North in contemporary Italian literature and travel literature


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2016. Mickaëlle Cedergren, Cecilia Schwartz. Moderna Språk 110, i-x

    Introduction to this special issue of Moderna språk.

    This special issue of Moderna Språk contains articles on Swedish mediators who have introduced, translated and reviewed literary texts from the Romance languages. More specifically, the contributions are the outcome of the symposium ”Litteraturförmedlare i Sverige från 1945 till våra dagar” (’Literary mediators in Sweden from 1945 until today’) which took place at Stockholm University 11–12 June 2015.

  • 2016. Cecilia Schwartz. Moderna Språk 110, 75-107

    This study examines the impact of two literary mediators – Martha Larsson and Anders Österling – both of whom introduced Italian literature in Sweden during the second half of the 20th century. These mediators are compared to each other with regard to their social background, habitus and position in the literary field, all elements included in their symbolic capital. By mapping out which literary texts and authors they actually introduced in the period 1948–1968, with special attention given to crucial factors such as genre and gender, the results show that their selections had different characters. While Larsson introduced contemporary authors who were highly regarded in Italy at the time, and more closely related to what Bourdieu (1993) described as the autonomous pole, Österling mainly focused on authors closer to the heteronomous pole. Following Broomans’ (2009) six-phase model of cultural transfer, the study analyzes whether their introductions had a direct effect on publication, and what strategies they used in order to introduce new Italian authorships to a Swedish audience. Drawing upon Bourdieu and (1990) and Casanova (2002), it is also argued that both mediators introduced Italian literature in order to gain symbolic capital and strengthen their positions in the Swedish literary field.

  • 2016. Ken Benson, Mickaëlle Cedergren, Cecilia Schwartz.
  • Article Montale svedese
    2015. Cecilia Schwartz. Bollettino di italianistica (2), 48-76
  • 2015. Cecilia Schwartz. Otto-Novecento (3), 163-179
  • 2014. Cecilia Schwartz. North and South, 109-125
  • 2014. Cecilia Schwartz. Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny LXI (2), 455-470

    Starting out with an overview on the publication of Italian literature in Sweden during the 20th century, this article deals with the process of introducing Italian writers to the Swedish literary system in the 1940’s. For this purpose, the prestigious literary journal “Bonniers litterära magasin” (1932–2004) has been examined and analyzed with a special focus on the presence of Italian literature. The results indicate that Italian literature, though not strongly represented on the Swedish book market as a whole, is the only national literature beside the central and neighbor literatures that is consistently present in “BLM”. The study highlights the impact of the magazine and some of the mediators involved in the process of launching Italian literature, suggesting a model of the introductory phases.

  • 2013. Cecilia Schwartz. Libri in viaggio, 141-174
  • 2013. Cecilia Schwartz. Det sköna med skönlitteraturen 3, 40-49
  • Book (ed) Libri in viaggio
    2013. Laura Di Nicola, Cecilia Schwartz.

    Questo volume contiene una ri essione sulla diffusione della letteratura italiana in Svezia; ridiscute i concetti di opera, di autore, di libro, di canone, di classico; interroga il ruolo dei mediatori culturali, il valore delle traduzioni; affronta la questione delle fonti; ricostruisce la bibliogra- a delle traduzioni di opere italiane in Svezia nel Novecento. Un quadro quanto mai ampio dei libri in viaggio fra Italia e Svezia, tracciato attraverso un intreccio di sguardi diversi: storici della letteratura, dell’editoria, editori, svedesi e italiani, confrontano in modo originale, le loro prospettive di analisi del Novecento letterario italiano in Svezia contribuendo a una discussione sui rapporti culturali italo-svedesi.

  • 2012. Cecilia Schwartz. Libri in viaggio, 107-126
  • 2012. Cecilia Schwartz. Bollettino di italianistica (01), 116-130

    As part of a series of initiatives to study and promote circulation of Italian literature abroad, especially in Scandinavian countries, the paper describes “Italian Classics in Sweden”, an event that took place in Stockholm on 26-27 September 2011. It was hosted by the “C. M. Lerici” Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Sapienza University of Rome, Stockholm University and the Arnoldo and Alberto Mondadori Foundation. Three major events characterized the project: the presentation of the Swedish translation of Why Read the Classics by Italo Calvino and the inauguration of the exhibition “Copy in Italy. Italian authors in the world since 1945” (26 September), and the study day “Italian Classics in Sweden” (27 September), which was attended by Anders Cullhed, Alberto Asor Rosa, Luminitza Beiu-Paladi, Igor Tchehoff, Marina Zancan, Karin Dahl, Laura Di Nicola, Alberto Cadioli, Luisa Finocchi, Cecilia Schwartz, Eva Swartz Grimaldi, Paolo Grossi.

  • 2012. Cecilia Schwartz. Actes du XVIIIe congrès des romanistes scandinaves/Actas del XVIII congreso de romanistas escandinavos, 664-672
  • 2004. Cecilia Schwartz. Atti del VII congresso degli italianisti scandinavi, Helsinki, 3-6 giugno 2004, 247-254
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