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Sara Cousins

About me

I combine plant community ecology and landscape history to explore effects of fragmentation and land use change on plant dispersal, community composition and diversity. How people, livestock and physical constraints have shaped plant communities over time is particularly fascinating. New resarch challenges are to investigate how changing climate and extreme weather events will affect biodiversity in fragmented habitats. 

I am a professor in Physical Geography and associate professor (Docent) in Plant Ecology. I am research area leader for the Biogeography and Geomatics unit and co-leader of the Bolin Climate Centre's research area Biodiversity and Climate.


I teach landscape ecology and biogeography at both bachelor and master levels. Presently I am responsible for the courses in Landscape Ecology (Theory and design and projects in LE) and Projects in Physical Geography.  I especially enjoy teaching field courses and its many opportunities to explore the interaction between plant and animal communities, edaphic properties of specific landscapes and land use in action.


My research revolves around how species, communities and biodiversity respond with time to changing landscape patterns, habitat loss, fragmentation and global change which is one of the most important theoretical and conservation challenges in ecology today. Connectivity and dispersal in past, present and future landscapes are key points of my research. To link processes occurring in different ecosystems to landscape patterns and global change are central research activities within the group of postdocs and PhD-students.

I am project leader for several international and national research collaborations. Presently the FUNgreen project - Functional connecitivty and green infrastructure (funded by Biodiversa/EU 2017) and the LIM project Landscape indicators for biodiversity (funded by SNV 2019).

For more information, please visit my Google Scholar profile or Research Gate.

My orcid id: 0000-0003-2656-2645

Present PhD-students and Postdocs
Elsa Aggemyr 
Rozi Kapas
Adam Kimberley (PhD)
Jessica Lindgren (PhD)
Nina Roth
Sabine Sigfridsson (teachers licentiate)
Heather Wood

Former PhD-students and Postdocs
Alistair Auffret
Matti Ermold
Elikana Kalumanga
Jessica Lindgren
Jan Plue
Josefin Reimark (teachers licentiate)
Reto Schmucki




Research projects