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Shiro Shibata

About me

My dissertation project investigates Ditransitive Verb-Particle Construction (Ditr. VPC) in modern Swedish from a constructional-grammatical perspective. At first sight, Ditr. VPC, which is examplified by hälla i sig ngt  "lit. pour in oneself sth" or ta ifrån ngn ngt "lit. take from sby sth", looks similar to transitive expression with a prepositional phrase such as hälla ngt i ngt "lit. pour sth in sth" or ta ngt från ngn "lit. take sth from sby". However, Ditr. VPC exhibits its own behavioral properties, such as animacy restriction on the first object. The aim of my project is to reveal the defining property and the constructional motivations of Ditr. VPC.



  • Shibata, S. (2019). “Prepositionsstyrt indirektobjekt?: En konstruktionsgrammatisk analys av [V-med-NP-NP]-konstruktionen.”  In: IDUN –Journal of Nordic Studies–, 23. The Division of Danish and Swedish, Osaka University, 115–129. (Available via
  • Shibata, S. (2018). “スウェーデン語小辞動詞構文と二重目的語構文の関連性について. (On the Relationship between Verb-Particle Construction and Double Object Construction in Swedish.)” In: EX ORIENTE, 25, Association for Integrated Studies in Language and Society, Osaka University, 173–189.


  • Shibata, S. (2019). “Att pressa ur sig sig eller inte ha med sig sig: rollen av konstruktionell betydelse i argumentrealisering”, Constructions in the Nordics 1, Kiel University, 2019-10-24. Slides.
  • Shibata, S. (2019). ”Bitransitiv verbpartikelkonstruktion som en familj av konstruktioner”, Grammatikkollokvium, Uppsala University, 2019-09-17.
  • Shibata, S. and Tohno, T. (2019). “The Double Object Verb-Particle Constructions in Swedish: A Constructional-Grammatical Description”, Grammar in Focus 33, Lund University, 2019-02-08. Abstract.
  • Mino, T., Shibata, S. and Hattori, T. (2018). "A Typological Study of 'Expletives + COME' existential constructions", The 21st conference of the Pragmatics Society in Japan, Kyorin University, 2018-12-01. Abstract.


A selection from Stockholm University publication database

  • Towards Compiling a List of Basic Particle Verbs in Swedish

    2020. Takayuki Tohno (et al.).


    本稿では、スウェーデン語学習者にとって必要な不変化詞および不変化詞動詞のリストの作成に向けて、見出し語となる不変化詞動詞の選定について考察した。不変化詞動詞は「動詞+不変化詞」から成り、複数の単語で1つの意味を表す「複単語表現(Multi-Word Expression)」に相当する。したがって、単一の単語に比べて、その頻度を出すことは容易ではない。そこで本稿では、不変化詞動詞の学習書やリストなどとコーパスデータを併用し、必要な不変化詞動詞の選定を行い、暫定的な不変化詞と不変化詞動詞のリストを掲載した。

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