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Tola Gemechu Ango


I taught, coordinated, and supervised seminars in courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels: 

  • Main themes include: ecosystem disservices, rural land management, land 'grabs', geographic information systems and methods
  • Courses:
    • Geogrpahic information analysis 
    • Field studies
    • Advanced method in human geography, and urban and regional planning
    • Political ecology- land use and natural resources in a local to global perspective
    • Geographic information systems and cartography
    • Environmental challenges in a societal perspective, and Development, globalization and the environment


My research focuses on society-nature interactions, particularly that of local farmers’ practices and livelihoods, and trees and forests, and related national development and conservation policy goals. Primarily I am interested in how these interactions play out in time within the contexts of development and conservation policy goals and power asymmetries, and in their material and non-material outcomes as well. I have explored this in relation to including forest with and without coffee use and management practices, agricultural crop raiding by wild mammals, child labour, forest cover change, and land 'grabs' in Ethiopia.


Research interests: forest and agro-ecosystem services (and disservices) and management, land change, rural livelihoods and development, child labour, rural-urban linkages, political ecology, global south.


Current project

Conserving the forest while keeping the children in school – exposing the problem of child labour in Ethiopia’s smallholder forest-coffee sector. Formas mobility grant. 2019-2022.


Previous project

Ecosystem Services and Disservices in an Agriculture–Forest Mosaic: A Study of Forest and Tree Management and Landscape Transformation in Southwestern Ethiopia

This was my PhD research, which is part of a project entitled ‘Examining mismatches between management and the supply of ecosystem services in Ethiopian agro-ecosystems across scales in space and time,’ financed by SIDA and Formas to Professor Kristoffer Hylander and Associate Professor Lowe Börjeson at Stockholm University; Dr. Feyera Senbeta at Addis Ababa University, and others.

A comprehensive summary of my PhD thesis can be downloaded from here.


Recent Publications

Börjeson, L., Ango, T.G. 2021. The Production and Destruction of Forests through the Lens of Landesque Capital Accumulation. Human Ecology.

Ango, T.G.; Hylander, K.; Börjeson, L. 2020. Processes of Forest Cover Change since 1958 in the Coffee-Producing Areas of Southwest Ethiopia. Land, 9(8): 278.

Shumi G., Dorresteijn I., Schultner J., Hylander K., Senbeta F., Hanspach J., Ango T. G., Fischer J. 2019. Woody plant use and management in relation to property rights: a social-ecological case study from southwestern Ethiopia. Ecosystems and People, 15(1):303-316.

Ango T. G. 2018. Impacts of medium-scale forestland 'grabbing' on local livelihoods and forest conservation in the Southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Land, ​7(1), 24. 

Ango T. G., Börjeson L., Senbeta F. 2017. Effects of wild mammals’ crop raiding on smallholding farmers’ livelihoods in an agriculture-forest mosaic landscape in southwestern Ethiopia. Oryx - the International Journal of Conservation. 

Ango T. G. 2016. Ecosystem Services and Disservices in an Agriculture–Forest Mosaic: A Study of Forest and Tree Management and Landscape Transformation in Southwestern Ethiopia. Dissertation, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University.

Bekele T., Ango T. G. 2015. Do Interventions from Participatory Action Research Improve Livelihood and Reduce Conflicts over Forest Resources? A case Study from South Central Ethiopia. Small-scale Forestry, 14 (4): 441-458. DOI:

Hylander K., Ango T.G., Börjeson L., Hambäck P.,  Lemessa D., Nemomissa S., Samnegård U., Senbeta F. 2014. Nature, people and agriculture in southwestern Ethiopia: The interaction between small scale agriculture and the diversity of organisms in mosaic landscapes. ISBN: 978-91-7540-172-0. Available in English, Afaan Oromo and Amharic.

Ango T. G., L. Börjeson F. Senbeta, Hylander K. 2014. Balancing Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Smallholder Farmers’ Use and Management of Forest and Trees in an Agricultural Landscape in Southwestern Ethiopia. Ecology and Society 19(1):30. DOI:


Published research data

Ango T. G. 2018. Land use types in Southwest Ethiopia, 1974 - 2011. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0.