Stockholm university

Mariana Fakih

About me

I am a doctoral candidate in public international law at Stockholm University’s Faculty of Law. 

My research project focuses on citizenship deprivation as a counterterrorism measure in democratic states. The preliminary title is ’’Does depriving individuals of their citizenship, based on national security grounds, comply with EU and international law on human rights?’’ Some of the questions that the research deals with are: How far can states go in extending their denationalisation power? How do states justify their increased denationalisation power and its consequences? Are there limits to citizenship deprivation that states have to obey? How can EU and international law on human rights protect citizens from the states’ denationalisation power? What would happen, practically, if two states want to deprive the citizenship of the same person at the same time? Which country has the priority?


I hold an LLM from Stockholm University (2020), a master’s degree in European Studies from the University of Gothenburg (2017), a LLM in Commercial Law (2012) and an LLB from Aleppo University (2008). 

Work experience

Legal Counsel, 2020-

Associate researcher at the University of Gothenburg, 2018

Intern at the Ministry of Justice, EU Affairs, 2017

Trainee at the UNICEF Brussels Office, EU Affairs, 2016 

Legal Counsel and attorney in Turkey and Syria, 2008-2013



I teach in the basic course on Public International Law and the advanced course on International Criminal Law.

Research projects