Stockholm Material Hub (SMH) was chosen as one of four projects to be awarded research monies through the European Regional Development Fund for Region Stockholm. The project is meant to spark innovation and technological development while helping new, small and medium-sized businesses which are likely to be hit hardest in the wake of the corona pandemic.

‘The goal of the Stockholm Material Hub is to bridge the curiosity-driven fundamental research with entrepreneurship-motivated social practices through needs-driven research. The vision of the hub is to become, under the cooperation framework of “Stockholm Trio”, the core source of knowledge in the general field of materials research,’ says James Shen, Professor of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University.

SMH is working on materials for use in healthcare. These materials include a new generation of zirconia ceramics for dental and orthopaedic use and bio-scaffolds based on nanocellulose that can regenerate or replace damaged tissues and aid in healing.

Researchers in the project from Stockholm University include James Shen, Aji Matthew and Mirva Eriksson. The hub will also integrate materials expertise from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Karolinska Institute (KI), members of Stockholm Trio. Four small- and medium-sized enterprises were also involved, Sigrid Therapeutics, Seva Dental Design, 3DVerkstan and Episurf Medical.

‘Activities include training staffs and providing them access to facilities in academia, academia-industry cooperation in commercialization of innovations or establishing spin-off companies,’ says James Shen. ‘The ultimate goal of SMH is to contribute to prosperity and sustainability of Region Stockholm.’