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The overall focus of my research is to understand how ecosystems respond to anthropogenic and environmental disturbances both structurally and functionally.

Specifically, the research activities have been guided by four main topics:  

1. Responses of ecological communities to human disturbance

2. Species interaction effects on benthic ecosystem processes

3. Driving mechanisms of biodiversity in the Baltic Sea

4. Toxicity of mixtures of contaminants on ecosystem function

BSc and MSc  projects
If you are looking for BSc (kandidat) and MSc (master) projects in subjects relevant to Grupp Nascimento's research interests such as marine ecology or ecotoxicology you are welcome to contact

Group description


Francisco Nascimento is currently one of the course leaders for the BSc course Ecology I and also lectures on a number different courses including:

- Ecotoxicology
- Marine Biology

And at the MSc courses:
- Baltic Sea Ecosystem: Applications, Modelling, and Management
- Marine microbial ecology: from genomes to biomes 

Group members

Group managers

Francisco Jardim de Almada Nascimento

Associate Professor

Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
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Markus Olsson

PhD student

Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Markus Olsson

Elias Broman


Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences