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Research project Migrant Preparatory Training and the Shaping Circular Migration between Ethiopia and the Gulf States

This project deals with a critical dimension of the intensification and deepening of circular migration, namely the expansion of what we term “migrant preparatory training,” vocational education in the deployment of low-skilled documented international labor migrants from sending to receiving countries.

Government-regulated training is part of an expanding migration infrastructure that prepares migrants for work abroad, while aiming to shape their aspirations and channel them into specific labor sectors in destination countries.

Importantly, these training programs are becoming formalized through policy transfers from mature sending countries, most notably the Philippines, to countries such as Ethiopia, which is currently developing the most ambitious labor deployment program on the African continent. This project takes the circulation and implementation of these training programs as an empirical entry-point for understanding how the recruitment, preparation, deployment and channeling of documented low-skilled labor migration is evolving through increasingly sophisticated means. This is of great relevance for understanding the future of labor migration across world, not least to Europe.



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Johan Lindquist

Deputy Head of the Department, Professor

Department of Social Anthropology
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Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste


Department of Social Anthropology