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Digitalisation and new advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) have changed how we work, live and play, and the transformation continues. We study how to develop ICT, and monitor what happens when humans and ICT interact.

Can big data be used to make better decisions in case of pandemics? Are we able to protect ourselves against cyber warfare? How can machine learning increase our chances of surviving a heart attack? Can organisations improve their business by means of AI? And is it OK to use AI in schools to boost learning? These are all questions that our researchers are working on.

Computer and Systems Sciences is a cross-disciplinary research area, with a firm base in social sciences. Our work evolves around new technology, but technology per se is not the focal point. Instead, we explore how ICT can be used in an efficient and ethical manner to enable societal advancements.

Genre photo: People standing in artwork with transparent layers of color.Photo: Luis Benito/Unsplash
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AI and Data Science

Genre photo: A large group of people, illustrating the research subject "AI and Data Science".

Business Process Management and Enterprise Modelling

Genre photo: A building with several floors and glass ceiling, seen from the inside and looking up.

Cyber Security

Genre photo: Two persons shopping online with credit card, illustrating research in "Cyber Security"

Digital Games and Simulation

Genre photo: Person holding a control and playing a digital game, the photo illustrates research.

Digital Transformation and Governance

Genre photo: Office building with many floors, rooms lit in different colors. Illustrates research.

Human–Computer Interaction

Genre photo: A person holding their hand under a drone flying. Illustrates research.

Language Technology

Genre photo: a computer screen with text in colors, illustrates research in language technology

Risk and Decision Analysis

Genre photo: Drone photo of many pedestrians at big crossing. Illustrates research on decisions

Technology Enhanced Learning

Genre photo: Rows of lockers in a school corridor. Illustrates research on tech enhanced learning