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Research subject Instrumentation and Nuclear Physics

Stockholm University is engaged in different instrumentation research projects in the areas of accelerator physics, detectors for nuclear and particle physics, and systems for control and data acquisition.

The focus in this subbject is research and development of instrumentation in experimental physics, especially atomic, molecular and subatomic physics. With a deep involvement in the physics itself, we apply new technologies and develop new methods for acquiring experimental data of the highest-possible quality.

We have competence in advanced digital electronics for large-scale experiments, detector development for subatomic physics experiments, and accelerator physics.

We are currently deeply involved in several major research projects at international accelerator facilities.


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At the Department of Physics at Stockholm University, we offer high-quality education with a strong connection to frontier research. We promise exciting studies in tight student groups and with active researchers as your teachers.

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At Fysikum there are four postgraduate subjects: physics, theoretical physics, chemical physics and medical radiation physics.

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Research in the subject is mainly carried out at Fysikum in the division of Instrumentation Physics and Nuclear Physics.

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