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  • Information to the Swedish Migration Agency from SUHF 2020-06-12 SUHF, The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions, compiles a list with information from the Swedish higher education institutions with regards to their planned study form for the autumn semester 2020. The list, with updated information, is submitted on a weekly bases to the Swedish Migration Agency in order to facilitate the processing of applications for residence permits for studies. 
  • Master's Fair på campus Digital Master’s Fair 18 November 2020 2020-06-08 Stockholm University Master's Fair is arranged at campus Frescati each year in November to inform about our 75 master's programmes taught in English.
  • Newsletter CIVIS First newsletter from the CIVIS alliance 2020-05-07 Stockholm University is a member of CIVIS – the European Civic University Alliance, that brings together students and employees from eight universities in Europe, since last year. The alliance's first newsletter has now been released and it includes, among other news, an interview with President Astrid Söderbergh Widding, who is now the President of CIVIS.
  • Photo: Niklas Björling Coordination secretariat for Stockholm trio 2020-03-02 Fredrik Oldsjö is head of the coordination secretariat that has been created to work within the Stockholm trio university alliance.
  • Are you an international employee who moved to Stockholm with your partner? 2020-02-13 Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN) is a network for partners of international employees. SDCN helps its members settle in Stockholm, look for work in Sweden, discover Swedish culture, and broaden their social and professional networks.
  • Do you want your research to reach an international audience? Workshop with The Conversation 2020-01-21 The Conversation publishes articles with an academic view on current affairs to an international audience of more than 38 million people every month. Now a member of the non-profit foundation behind The Conversation, Stockholm University researchers are entitled to support and help in order to be a successful part of this global community. In January, a workshop for researchers on how to reach out to a broader international audience is organised.
  • Pitch an article idea for The Conversation. Photo: Mostphotos Pitch an article idea for The Conversation 2019-11-15 Are you a scientist at Stockholm University and have an article idea for the digital magazine The Conversation? Here you can pitch your idea.
  • Conversation Stockholm University participates in The Conversation 2019-11-07 From October 2019, Stockholm University takes part in the digital magazine The Conversation where researchers write articles and comment on current news and events in the world.
  • Focus Africa: a study on research and education for improved collaboration 2019-10-22 Stockholm University is adopting a strategic approach in its efforts to develop and improve international collaboration in research and education. As part of its internationalisation efforts a regional study which will provide a basis for the university's focus on African countries has been produced. 
  • Seminar: Stockholm University Collaboration with African Institutions of Higher Education 2019-10-04 Welcome to a seminar on research and education with a special focus on collaboration with African countries. The seminar will be held in English.
  • Offical launch of European collaboration 2019-10-03 Stockholm University takes part in the new European university alliance CIVIS that brings together over 384,000 students and 55,000 staff members at eight universities across Europe. On 1 October, it was officially launched.
  • International Graduate School, klassåterträff 1979-80 Reunited after 40 years – studies in welfare attracted students to Sweden 2019-09-30 40 years have passed since they studied at the International Graduate School at Stockholm University, one of the first international study programmes in Sweden.
  • CIVIS collaborators meet at Stockholm University New CIVIS collaboration presented 2019-09-26 Stockholm University forms together with seven other universities CIVIS. The university alliance aims to create an integrated university environment for students and staff.
  • More students apply for international courses in spring 2020 2019-08-22 The number of first-hand applicants for international courses at Stockholm University is up 23 percent compared to spring term 2019. Nationally the number of applicants for international courses and programmes at the basic level has increased by 5 percent and the number of applicants for master’s programmes by 34 percent.
  • Meet researcher Mitch Downey who joined Stockholm University and moved to Stockholm. "I am amazed to live in such an amazing place!" 2019-05-17 Meet researcher Mitch Downey at IIES who joined Stockholm University and moved to Sweden from the United States.
  • Meet our researchers 2019-05-17 Researchers explain why they chose Stockholm University and how their decision has panned out. Here is what Cheuk-Wai Tai, Angela Adamo, Mitch Downey, Ilona Riipinen and Paul Andrews have to say about moving to Stockholm.
  • Angela Adamo "I'm so curious" says researcher Angela Adamo 2019-04-25 Meet Angela Adamo, a researcher at the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University, who shares her story about her journey from Italy to living in Stockholm and working at Stockholm University.
  • Karin Bergmark Foto: Eva Dalin Senior Advisor on International Affairs 2019-03-20 The Stockholm University President has appointed Karin Bergmark, professor of sociology and former Deputy Vice President for Humanities and Social Sciences, as new Senior Advisor to the President on International Affairs.
  • Good Morning with Global Engagement. SU's plan for its continued internationalisation work 2019-03-19 Welcome to breakfast meeting on the theme of internationalisation!
  • Global Engagement – Stockholm University's plan for internationalisation 2019-03-05 Global Engagement is Stockholm University's plan for its continued internationalisation work.
  • Cheuk-Wai Tai "We have a lot of top scientists and talented students working together" 2019-02-12 Meet Cheuk-Wai Tai who is an researcher at the Department of Environmental and Materials Chemistry and responsible for the Electron Microscopy Center.
  • Workshop Link studies and career opportunities Linking studies and career opportunities 2019-01-29 How do we connect studies with career opportunities for international students was the topic of a workshop held with over fifty co-workers from the university administration, faculties and departments at Stockholm University who met to share experiences, discuss new ideas and get inspired by colleagues.
  • SASUF-logga South Africa-Sweden University Forum (SASUF) 2018-12-06 30 universities from Sweden and South Africa collaborate in the project South Africa-Sweden University Forum (SASUF). The overall aim is to strengthen the ties between Sweden and South Africa in research, education and innovation. As from 2019 Stockholm University is a part of the project.
  • Stockholm University and Agenda 2030 2018-11-18 Stockholm University is engaged in numerous projects within both natural and human science, and its research and education touch upon and help the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030.
  • Jenny White holds the Professors' Lecture at Stockholm City Hall Moving to Stockholm for work at Stockholm University 2018-09-20 When Professors Jenny White and Mark Rhinard first came to Stockholm they had no idea it would become their home.
  • Working in Sweden – a new guide for anyone who wants to work or run a business in Sweden 2018-09-13 How does it work when you want to find a job or start a business in Sweden? What rules and regulations apply when it comes to work permits, wages and employment? These are some of the questions the new web site will answer.
  • Additional focus on international relations 2018-08-27 Stockholm University continues to focus on internationalisation to mark the global aspects of research, education and collaboration and to secure an international academic environment. The president has decided on a separate strategy for continued internationalisation, the main points of which will be included in the overall strategies for 2019-2022.
  • Undertecknande av MoU mellan UBA och SU, rektor Astrid Söderbergh Widding med Dr. Gabriel CAPITELLI, Successful management visit and great interest in Latin America 2018-05-29 This spring, Stockholm University has had a special focus on Latin America. Management visits to several countries in the region have been organised alongside recruitment activities in order to make contacts, develop relationships, meet students, and learn more for further collaboration.
  • Delegation led by Dr Zahedi, Chair of the Iranian Parliamentary Committee of Education Visit by Iranian delegation 2018-04-27 A delegation led by Dr Zahedi, Chair of the Iranian Parliamentary Committee of Education, Former Minister of High Education, visited Stockholm University on 26 April in order to exchange experiences and get more acquainted with the Swedish higher education system.
  • Clas Hättestrand, Dr. Henrik Hansson, Professor Sirimali Fernando, Ranil Peiris, Dr. Mohamed Sideek Visit from Sri Lanka for discussions on research collaboration 2018-04-27 Stockholm University received a visit from a Sri Lankan delegation led by Professor Sirimali Fernando of Sri Lanka's National Science Foundation
  • Cooperation projects with Tokyo funded 2018-04-23 Seven projects at eight different departments have been granted funding for cooperation with the University of Tokyo. A new call for funding for collaboration projects with the closing date 30 September 2018 will be announced later.
  • Stockholm Dual Career Network Network for partners and spouses of international employees in Stockholm 2018-04-17 Are you an international employee at Stockholm University with an accompanying partner or spouse? Then he or she can become a member of Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN), a network for partners and spouses of international employees in Stockholm.
  • New report maps international research collaborations 2018-04-08 A new internal report mapping the level of Stockholm University’s international research collaborations by looking at scientific co-publications concludes that the ratio of international co-authored publications is on the increase, today it is more than 70%.
  • Focus on Latin America - new study and information meeting in January 2017-12-08 Stockholm University's objective is to work on the global research and education arena and offer an international academic environment. In the context of its internationalization work, Stockholm University visits different regions to create new contacts, and reinforce existing ones.


Research Support Office/Global Engagement Team

Maria Wikse, Head of international affairs

Good Morning with Global Engagement

Within Stockholm University's internationalisation work, SU's international working group (SINT) holds breakfast meetings on various topics related to internationalisation. The first meeting will be on "Global Engagement: Stockholm University's long-term action plan for internationalisation".