The calls are for the following areas:

  • Organize Student Week (5 days) or Student Days (2-4 days) during the 2020-2021 academic year. Such an activity, which can but does not have to be arranged as a credit-giving course, may include, for example, lectures, seminars, paper presentations, workshops, study visits and activities with external players.
  • Arrange Civis School equivalent to 1-3 weeks full-time, primarily during the summer of 2020, 2021 or 2022. The summer school, which is suitably organized in the form of a credit-giving course, may include, for example, lectures, seminars, workshops, fieldwork, laboratory work, practice and study visits.

The call calls for interdisciplinary educational activities in English where academics collaborate across traditional subject areas within the five focus areas of the university alliance:

  • Cities, Territories, Mobilities
  • Climate, Environment, Energy
  • Digital & Technological transformations
  • Health
  • Society, Culture, Heritage.

Application Process

Applicants can be departments or other offices within the university.

The application must be made in collaboration with at least two other universities within CIVIS, which means that contact with sister institutions or other actors at the other universities must already be established in the application process.

It is also possible to apply for an already existing activity, such as a summer course, and adapt it for participants in CIVIS.

Apply by:

  • Student Week / Days: 30 June, 2020 for activity HT 2020 and 15 October for activity VT 2021;
  • Civis School: 30 June for summer 2020, October 31 for activity VT 2021 and 1 April, 2021 for summer-autumn 2021 activity.
  • Since this announcement is made simultaneously at all eight universities within CIVIS, you may also be contacted by other universities who wish to organize activities in collaboration with you.

More information

The calls are described in more detail in the files below. For more information, please contact

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