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  • Pitch an article idea for The Conversation. Photo: Mostphotos Pitch an article idea for The Conversation 2023-01-17 Are you a scientist at Stockholm University and have an article idea for the digital magazine The Conversation? Here you can pitch your idea.
  • Conversation Stockholm University participates in The Conversation 2023-01-03 Since 2019, Stockholm University takes part in the digital magazine The Conversation where researchers write articles and comment on current news and events in the world.
  • Foto: Regeringskansliet Stockholm University’s new International Office 2022-03-18 Stockholm University reorganizes the way it works with internationalisation by establishing an International Office at Student Services.
  • Civis pedagogies calls New calls and activities within CIVIS 2021-09-17 CIVIS welcomes proposals for education and research activities. The objective is to foster synergies among education, research, and innovation.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Guidance on ethics and risk management for scholars and students abroad 2021-05-26 Scholars and students who go abroad for research or studies need to take risks and ethical challenges into account. Welcome to a breakfast meeting on guidance and risk management, when doing research or studies abroad. The meeting is part of the Good Morning with Global Engagement-webinar series.
  • CIVIS calls New calls within CIVIS 2021-05-21 CIVIS welcomes proposals for education and research activities. The objective is to foster synergies among education, research, and innovation.
  • Photo by Omar Roque on Unsplash Doubled budget for new Erasmus + 2021-2017 2021-05-10 The EU has increased the budget for the new program. With an almost doubled budget compared to the previous program, even more people will have the opportunity to participate. At the same time, the opportunity for virtual and blended mobility opens up.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Academic collaborations within CIVIS 2021-05-07 CIVIS – the European Civic University Alliance brings together over 450,000 students and 65,000 employees at nine universities in Europe. This opens for many possibilities to develop academic collaborations within the alliance.
  • Workshop with The Conversation 2021-05-04 Want your research to reach an international audience? Welcome to a workshop with science news magazine The Conversation.
  • Cup&cakes webinar series New bi-weekly scientific webinar series within CIVIS 2021-05-03 The research part of CIVIS, RIS4CIVIS, is starting a new webinar series – A bi-weekly scientific get-together to create a discussion forum for CIVIS researchers to connect and get an overview of what is happening in other partner universities on a specific topic.
  • Civis utlysningar CIVIS annoucements: Courses, Events, Workshops and Calls 2021-04-14 Several courses, events, workshops and calls are now announced to the CIVIS community.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Stockholm University in International Media 2021-04-11 A webinar for those who want to know more about how we work to increase our international visibility. The meeting is part of the initiative Good Morning with Global Engagement.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Developments in CIVIS and presentation of the new member University of Glasgow 2021-03-08 Welcome to the breakfast meeting about the university alliance CIVIS. The meeting is part of the initiative Good Morning with Global Engagement.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Good morning with Global Engagement: The Erasmus Learning Journey 2021-02-15 Why do students in higher education seek the study abroad experience? What experiences do students describe in relation to their learning and personal development? What learning processes can be identified in these experiences?
  • civis alliance logo Serier of workshops on innovative pedagogies 2021-02-01 CIVIS is launching a series of workshops dedicated to academics coming from all fields of expertise. The main aim of these events is to share expertise in higher education teaching and learning and stimulate pedagogical innovation at grassroots.
  • Frukostträffar om internationalisering Breakfast meeting: Stockholm Trio University Alliance to increase international collaborations 2020-11-18 Welcome to a breakfast meeting on the theme Stockholm Trio contributes to internationalization at Stockholm University. The meeting is part of the initiative of Good Morning with Global Engagement.
  • The first CIVIS Day in November 2020-09-10 For a year now, Stockholm University has been a member of the CIVIS - European Civic University Alliance collaboration, which brings together students and staff from eight universities in Europe. The first Civis Day is now planned. It will take place on 10 November and will be held digitally due to the current coronavirus pandemic.
  • Are you an international employee who moved to Stockholm with your partner? 2020-02-13 Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN) is a network for partners of international employees. SDCN helps its members settle in Stockholm, look for work in Sweden, discover Swedish culture, and broaden their social and professional networks.
  • Do you want your research to reach an international audience? Workshop with The Conversation 2020-01-21 The Conversation publishes articles with an academic view on current affairs to an international audience of more than 38 million people every month. Now a member of the non-profit foundation behind The Conversation, Stockholm University researchers are entitled to support and help in order to be a successful part of this global community. In January, a workshop for researchers on how to reach out to a broader international audience is organised.
  • Focus Africa: a study on research and education for improved collaboration 2019-10-22 Stockholm University is adopting a strategic approach in its efforts to develop and improve international collaboration in research and education. As part of its internationalisation efforts a regional study which will provide a basis for the university's focus on African countries has been produced. 
  • New CIVIS collaboration presented 2019-09-26 Stockholm University forms together with seven other universities CIVIS. The university alliance aims to create an integrated university environment for students and staff.
  • More students apply for international courses in spring 2020 2019-08-22 The number of first-hand applicants for international courses at Stockholm University is up 23 percent compared to spring term 2019. Nationally the number of applicants for international courses and programmes at the basic level has increased by 5 percent and the number of applicants for master’s programmes by 34 percent.
  • Good Morning with Global Engagement. SU's plan for its continued internationalisation work 2019-03-19 Welcome to breakfast meeting on the theme of internationalisation!
  • Stockholm University and Agenda 2030 2018-11-18 Stockholm University is engaged in numerous projects within both natural and human science, and its research and education touch upon and help the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030.
  • Additional focus on international relations 2018-08-27 Stockholm University continues to focus on internationalisation to mark the global aspects of research, education and collaboration and to secure an international academic environment. The president has decided on a separate strategy for continued internationalisation, the main points of which will be included in the overall strategies for 2019-2022.
  • Cooperation projects with Tokyo funded 2018-04-23 Seven projects at eight different departments have been granted funding for cooperation with the University of Tokyo. A new call for funding for collaboration projects with the closing date 30 September 2018 will be announced later.
  • Stockholm Dual Career Network Network for partners and spouses of international employees in Stockholm 2018-04-17 Are you an international employee at Stockholm University with an accompanying partner or spouse? Then he or she can become a member of Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN), a network for partners and spouses of international employees in Stockholm.
  • New report maps international research collaborations 2018-04-08 A new internal report mapping the level of Stockholm University’s international research collaborations by looking at scientific co-publications concludes that the ratio of international co-authored publications is on the increase, today it is more than 70%.
  • Focus on Latin America - new study and information meeting in January 2017-12-08 Stockholm University's objective is to work on the global research and education arena and offer an international academic environment. In the context of its internationalization work, Stockholm University visits different regions to create new contacts, and reinforce existing ones.


International Office

Good Morning with Global Engagement

SU's international working group (SINT) holds breakfast meetings on various topics related to internationalisation. You can leave your email adress to receive an invitation to coming seminars