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Högre seminarium Mareila Kaufmann (Oslo universitet)


Datum: torsdag 17 mars 2022

Tid: 13.00 – 14.00

Plats: C603

The rise of DNA as biometric data

As DNA is increasingly integrated with digital technologies it emerges as a new type of biometric data. This development has concrete consequences for forensic practices. New types of hardware promise to bring mobility to DNA sequencing techniques. DNA is stored in an increasing number of databases that pave the way for DNA data going ‘big’. DNA can be analyzed with software that moves the focus from establishing matches to predicting phenotypes. As a result, DNA is in-formation. It changes as it travels across sites and domains, pulling together new private and public professions. If criminologists want to navigate the field of digital forensics and biometric surveillance, it is key to trace how DNA materializes as digital data - how it is integrated with hardware, databases and software.