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New front page on Fysikums web

The entrance to Fysikum's Swedish and English web has been redesigned. The pages under Internal and About us on the old web have been moved to About the Department.

Our "About the Department" pages are published as an important step in the transition from the existing Physics website to Web2021. The design and structure will be different, but much of the information will be familiar to you. The entry page to the Physics website is also new. The education pages are updated and ready to go. What used to be under the Internal and About Us headings on our website is now under About the Department. We are looking forward to starting work on the Physics research pages.

Further down the front page of the Physics website you will see three circles with quick links. There you will find the link to About the Department which contains the pages from Internal and About Us from the old website.

Fysikum's web organisation consists of Gunilla Häggström, who is the communications manager for digital media. Michael Odelius is co-editor of Research, Malva Rydqvist is co-editor of Education and Ronni Barouta is co-editor of About the Department.

The whole of Stockholm University is part of the Webb2021 project, where all information is being migrated to the new design and structure that is better adapted to digital platforms. The focus is on central information. The local information is only available if it is specific to the institution.

We will start work on the research pages in the future.

About the Department of Physics

About the Department

  • The focus of the new pages are links to the central pages and links for Physics only if we have specific information.
  • For posting events, licentiates, vacancies and more, please email:
  • Instructions are now available in the respective systems and not on the website
  • If you have questions about supplier invoices and invoice copies, please use the functional address:
  • Questions regarding travel expenses, out-of-pocket expenses and health care issues can be emailed to
  • If you find something missing or needs to be changed, please contact
  • More information on the Webb2021 project
  • More information on the roles, responsibilities and competences of the members of the web organisation