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Erik Östling

Administrativ studierektor

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Arbetar vid Institutionen för etnologi religionshistoria och genusvetenskap (ERG)
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Om mig

Jag arbetar som administrativ studierektor på Institutionen för etnologi, religionhistoria och genusvetenskap. Om du behöver komma i kontakt med institutionens administrativa studierektorer kan du med fördel maila till 

Mina ansvarsområden

  • Planering av institutionens utbildningsutbud.
  • Analys, uppföljning och utvärdering av institutionens verksamhet.
  • Bistår studieadministration, ämnesstudierrektorer och ledning i frågor om policy och riktlinjer. 


I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2021. Erik A. W. Östling. Handbook of UFO Religions, 197-232

    During the latter half of the twentieth century, a narrative tradition around purported abductions by the hands of extraterrestrial entities has emerged. Narratives detailing such events were originally made famous by the purported capture of Betty and Barney Hill on September 19, 1961, and has become more and more prominent within both ufology and general mass marketed popular culture. Recurringly, alien abductions include motif relating to sexuality and interspecies hybridization, and further place humanity in relation to a perceived non-human and superior other. As such, these narratives have often been compared to historical examples of beliefs around supernatural assault or capture. The present essay investigates this narrative tradition from a folkloric perspective, looking upon the development of alien abductions, and the narrative function of first-person memorates. Ultimately, the essay argues that abductions can be read as a contemporary legendry or mythology.

  • 2020. Erik A. W. Östling. UFO-aktuellt 41 (2), 9-12
  • 2017. Erik A. W. Östling, James R. Lewis. The Routledge Companion to Death and Dying, 230-242
  • 2016. Erik A. W. Östling. The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements (Volume II), 417-430
  • 2014. Erik A. W. Östling. Controversial New Religions, 368-382
  • Artikel Raëlrörelsen
    2009. Erik A. W. Östling. Aura. Tidskrift för akademiska studier av nyreligiositet 1, 70-103
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