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Hongyi XuResearcher

Om mig

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Mechatronic), the University of Queensland, Australia

PhD in Engineering (Materials, Electron Microscopy), the University of Queensland, Australia


Efter att ha avslutat en kandidatexamen i ingenjörsvetenskap (Mechatronics) vid University of Queensland fortsatte Hongyi att bedriva en doktorsexamen i materialteknik, specialiserad på elektronmikroskopi och halvledarnanomaterial. Den australiska regeringen sponsrade hans doktorandstudier genom Australian Postgraduate Award-programmet. Han erhöll sin doktorsexamen vid UQ i december 2013 och fick dekanens erkännande för akademisk excellens samt utmärkelsen för bästa avhandling från School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering. I februari 2014 började Hongyi sin postdoktorala forskning (Wenner-Gren Foundation postdoc award) i Prof. Xiaodong Zous grupp vid Stockholms universitet. År 2015 initierade han utvecklingen av MicroED (3D-elektrondiffraktionsteknik för att studera biomolekyler) i Zous grupp. Hongyi blev huvudansvarig forskare 2018 för att vidareutveckla och tillämpa elektronkristallografimetoder för att studera strukturer av små molekyler och makromolekyler. Han fick ett startbidrag från Vetenskapsrådet. Nyligen löste Hongyi och kollegor de första två nya proteinstrukturerna med hjälp av MicroED. De visade också att det är möjligt att avslöja proteininhibitorbindning med hjälp av MicroED. Han arbetar nu som forskare/huvudansvarig forskare vid Stockholms universitet.

Mitt primära forskningsintresse är att utveckla elektronkristallografimetoder för att lösa strukturer av material, små organiska molekyler, peptider och makromolekyler från mikro- och nanokristaller, samt att besvara viktiga biologiska frågor som inte kan hanteras med befintliga tekniker. Jag har etablerat samarbeten med mer än 25 forskargrupper internationellt. Några av mina nuvarande forskningsprojekt är: • Utveckling av elektronkristallografimetoder för kristallstrukturbestämning av oorganiska material, små organiska molekyler, peptider och makromolekyler • Utveckling av en multidimensionell verktygslåda för modern elektronmikroskopi • Studera laddningstillståndet hos metalljoner i metallenzymer genom MicroED • Fragmentbaserad läkemedelsdesign genom högpresterande MicroED • Nya tillämpningar av kryo-EM (SPA, cryo-ET och MicroED)



2021 – Now    Consultant, Commission on Electron Crystallography, International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)
Aug. 2019    32nd European Crystallography Meeting, young scientist lecturer award
2018 – Now    Secured 6 competitive research projects as principle investigator (PI) and co-PI
2015 – Now    Group leader (Biomolecules and Cryo-EM) in Xiaodong Zou’s Lab
2014 – 2016    Wenner-Gren Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Sweden’ Wenner-Gren Foundation
2013    John Simmons Prize for the best PhD thesis of the year, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, the University of Queensland
2013    Dean’s Award for the Research Higher Degree Excellence, Graduate School, the University of Queensland
2009-2013    Top-up Scholarship, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
2009-2013    Australian Postgraduate Award, Australian Government
2005-2008    Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement, the University of Queensland
2004    Top 2.5% in Queensland tertiary admission evaluation



Advanced TEM (PhD Course), teaching assistant from 2015 to 2018, and lecturer since 2019.
Electron Crystallography, lecture since 2022.
Bioanalytical Chemistry, guest lecturer since 2020.
Experimental Chemistry methods, guest lecturer since 2020.


Research Supervision


Postdoc: 1 (main supervisor), 3 (co-supervisor), Stockholm University, Sweden
PhD student: 2 (main supervisor), 4 (co-supervisor), Stockholm University, Sweden



Dr. Clabbers, M.T.B., postdoc at UCLA, USA

PhD student:

Dr. Taimin Yang, postdoc at SU

Dr. Jingjing Zhao, postdoc at Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK

Dr. Meng Ge, postdoc at University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Laura Samperisi, postdoc at Jean Rouxel Institute of Materials in Nantes, France

Dr. Molly Lightowler, Trainee Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson, Sweden

Master Student:

Henri Bwanika, Research Assistant at Karolinska Institute

I have also mentored a PhD student at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden (graduated in Jan 2022). In addition, I have been actively helping Master and PhD students in learning electron microscopy and electron crystallography at Stockholm University and other institutions. I have worked with more than 15 universities internationally to set up 3D ED/MicroED at their TEM facilities.



Knowing the 3D atomic structures of materials and biomolecules is crucial for understanding their functions. X-ray diffraction is currently the most important technique for determination of 3D atomic structures, but requires large crystals which are often difficult to obtain. Due to the strong interactions between electrons and matter, crystals that are considered as powder in X-ray crystallography can be treated as single crystals by 3D electron diffraction methods. This enables structure determination of materials and organic molecules from micron- to nanometer-sized 3D crystals that are too small for conventional X-ray diffraction.

Over the past decades, a number of 3D ED methods have been developed for structure determination. Thanks to the recent advancement in CMOS and hybrid detector technology, it is now feasible to collect diffraction data in movie mode while continuously rotating the crystal (continuous rotation election diffraction, cRED, also known as MicroED in structural biology). Benefiting from these technological advances, structure determination can now be accomplished within few hours. Recently, fully automated serial rotation electron diffraction data collection and processing have been realized by our group. By using 3D ED and MicroED methods, we have solved more than 180 novel crystal structures of small inorganic compounds (including zeolite, MOF, COF and minerals) and organic molecules (pharmaceuticals, small organic molecules, peptides and proteins) in the past 6 years. We aim to further develop new electron crystallography methods and more importantly spread them to labs around the world.


Competitive Funding

1.    Swedish Research Council, Starting Grant (2017-005333) SEK 3.4M – Development of electron crystallography methods for structural characterisation of submicron-sized protein crystals, 2018-2021
2.    Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF Works (ITM17-0301, co-applicant) SEK 8.0M (My part: SEK 2.5M) – A multidimensional toolkit for modern electron microscopy, 2019-2021
3.    Scilifelab Technology Development Grant (co-applicant) SEK 2.2M – MicroED @ Scilifelab, 2019-2021
4.    European Commission Innovative Training Network (co-applicant) 4M Euro (my part: 270k Euro) – NanED, 2021-2025
5.    Swedish Research Council, Research Project (2022-03596) SEK 4M – Study structures of intermediates in the urate oxidase reaction by MicroED, 2023 – 2026
6.    Australian Research Council, Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant (LE230100145) AUD 1.13M, Main Chief Investigator – Nanocrystal Electron Diffraction Facility, 2023



Google Scholar


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