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James "Chip" Cottrell, a retired Partner with Deloitte (June 2017) who serves in an adjunct position at Stockholm University, has extensive global experience in an array of operations, consulting and accounting, including forensics. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the USA and China, a UK Chartered Accountant, and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Built on a foundation of accounting and audit experience in the “Big Four”, Cottrell has over 40 years focused on ethics, governance and compliance while leading corporate transitions, investigating fraud, waste and abuse as well as conducting asset recoveries at a wide range of organizations and institutions - including global manufacturing, aerospace and defense, energy, technology, transportation and most recently, public sector entities. An experienced practitioner in areas such as resiliency consulting, vendor fraud/compliance, litigation support, anticorruption, anti-money laundering and corporate transition/recovery, he has also led a wide range of successful high profile forensic investigations.

A veteran specialist in global operations, finance and trade, Mr. Cottrell is also an experienced business executive and consultant. He has led and/or advised in the founding, development, positioning, and/or turnaround of companies in North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Cottrell has lived and worked for over 20 years in Europe and Asia and has had broad hands-on experience with respect to alliances, partnerships, acquisitions, liquidations and reorganizations. Clients have included Fortune 100 companies and medium sized enterprises as well as sovereign nations and international NGO’s. His experience includes engagement as a consulting expert in litigation, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution matters.  Mr. Cottrell has specific experience in designing, implementing and monitoring compliance operations, government and regulatory consent agreements as well as related activities around the world. Chip has served in a range of capacities and industries for remediation and monitorship arrangements associated with regulatory and other matters. Cottrell also served as a C-suite executive of several well-known global technology companies.

A recognized and published leader in risk management, corporate governance, ethics and compliance issues, Cottrell is a frequent lecturer in academia and board rooms around the world. With substantial experience in a number of sectors, Mr. Cottrell has led functional service areas in several Deloitte US’ practices and most recently was the Deloitte Lead Client Service Partner for several large global organizations, amongst which are consumer business & transportation companies and the United Nations. He also served Deloitte at the global level including the Risk Executive, Forensic Executive Committee, Humanitarian Council, Policy and Corporate Citizenship / Responsibility communities.

Cottrell has served as a co-Chair of the UN Global Compact Committee on Anti-Corruption, is a member of the B20 (business part of G20) and the B Team (global NGO) Anti-Corruption Working Groups and has also served as the global Deloitte Project Partner for the World Economic Forum’s Anti-Corruption and Geo-Political initiatives. He is a founding member of the Sports Integrity Global Alliance focused on financial integrity, accountability, transparency and governance within sports worldwide. His recent focus has included regulatory and governance issues related to cyber threats and security, data analytics and cloud computing.


He has had MBA studies in Finance and Accounting at New York University and an AB in Economics and Business from Lafayette College.

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