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  • Bok (red) Barns övergångar
    2017. Anne Lillvist, Jenny Wilder.

    En god skolstart främjar trygghet, ro att lära och bidrar till goda utvecklingsmöjligheter. Positiva övergångar mellan olika skolformer  främjar kontinuitet i barns lärandevägar och är mycket beroende av  lärares kompetens och lyhördhet. I denna antologi ges perspektiv från lärare, barn och föräldrar om de övergångar som barn gör under sin skolgång, skolövergångar genom nutida övergångsforskning.

  • 2017. Anne Lillvist, Jenny Wilder. European Journal of Special Needs Education 32 (3), 422-436

    Stakeholder collaboration has been identified as a facilitator for positive transition outcomes for all children, and especially for children in need of special support. However, the type and extent of stakeholder collaboration have shown to be related to teachers' view of their transition practises. Thus, this study set out to examine the transition activities reported by 253 teachers in Compulsory School for Students with Learning Disabilities in Sweden. The purpose was to study the type of transition activities performed and how important teachers regarded these activities to be. The results show that overall teachers are engaged in transition activities that can be described as mainly traditional, as they do not differ from transition activities carried out in other educational settings. The results also show that untraditional transition activities, such as home visits and joint parent meetings with preschools, are viewed as important, but rarely executed. The results are discussed from an ecological systems perspective, emphasising the interconnectedness of individuals and their environment. Focus is given to individualised transition processes and developmentally appropriate transition activities for young children with learning disability.

  • 2017. Jenny Wilder, Anne Lillvist. Pedagogies of Educational Transitions, 59-74

    Diversity can be defined as the qualities of having variety and catering for a wide range of different people. The concept of diversity is often thought of as the integration and inclusion of all ethnic/cultural groups, genders and ages in the community. Children with disabilities are part of the variety of society and disabilities can be considered as a diversity category alongside others. This chapter explores the educational transitions of young children with intellectual disabilities, especially focusing on collaboration between educational settings. The chapter describes an ongoing research project on the educational transitions of young children with intellectual disabilities in Sweden and its preliminary results. It also aims to widen the appraisal of diversity and inclusion in the discourses and practice of professionals who work with children in times of educational transition.

  • Kapitel Sweden
    2017. Jenny Wilder, Nina Klang. The Praeger International Handbook of Special Education, 104-118
  • 2017. Jenny Wilder, Anne Lillvist. Families and Transition to School, 51-66

    The transition from preschool into school for children with disabilities is an important passage in the development of the child and in the family. Although children’s transitions from one educational practice to another is a growing field of research, there is limited knowledge of how the transitions from preschool to schools for children with intellectual disability (ID) are formed and experienced by families. Taking a theoretical stand point from Griebel and Niesel’s model of changes at the individual, relationships and contextual levels, and ecocultural theory on family life, the expectations of 8 parents of children with ID are analysed and discussed. The chapter presents results from an ongoing Swedish research project on understanding the learning journey in educational transitions of children with ID aged 6–7 years.

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