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Linnéa KortfältDoktorand

Om mig

Ms. Kortfält holds an LLM from Stockholm University Department of Law. Mrs. Kortfält has amongst other places worked at the Swedish National Defense College, the United Nations Association of Sweden and been a Law Clerk with the Legal Advisory Section of the Office of the Prosecutor, ICTY. In 2003 Mrs. Kortfält started to work as a Lecturer of Law at Stockholm University where she specializes in Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law as well as the Human Rights of Women and Children. Mrs. Kortfält has furthermore regularly lectured at e.g. Örebro University, University College Stockholm, the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is currently employed as a doctoral candidate at the Department of Law at Stockholm University, working towards the completion of her doctoral dissertation.  

The overarching aim of Ms. Kortfält’s dissertation is to study the criminalization of sexual violence in international criminal law with a focus on the role that the doctrine of superior responsibility (DSR) could have on the prosecution thereof in international criminal courts and tribunals. In order to reach this aim she will be looking into the following secondary aims: (1) studying the legal regime available to prosecute International Sex Crimes (ISC’s) in order to discover challenges to prosecution and whether DSR is a suitable venue for prosecution based hereupon (2) uncovering and scrutinizing DSR and the controversies surrounding it in light of the prosecution of ISC's (3) evaluating the doctrine’s potential in relation to alternative prosecutorial strategies in ISC cases, with a special focus on those available in article 25 of the Rome Statute (4) conclusions regarding the pros and cons of the merger between ISC's and DSR.