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Mats Johnsson


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Om mig

About me

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry since 2012. PhD 1993, Docent 1998. Title of PhD thesis “A critical survey of the grain refining mechanisms of aluminium”. I have studied nucleation and growth during solidification, sintering of ceramic materials, synthesis and characterization of new inorganic compounds.



My main research interests are about synthesis and characterization of inorganic compounds, electrocatalysis for water splitting and valorization of alcohols, sintering and characterization of ceramic composites.


On-going projects

Synthesis and characterization of new low-dimensional inorganic compounds having interesting magnetic or optical properties. Collaborations with Dr. Reinhard K. Kremer, MPI-FKF, Stuttgart, Germany, Prof. Peter Lemmens, TU-Braunschweig, Germany, Prof. Shiv Halasyamani, University of Houston, USA.

Electrocatalysis for valorisation of glycerol. 2018-2023, SSF. Collaboration project in between four research groups; Ann Cornell department of applied electrochemistry at KTH, Lars GM Pettersson department of Physics at Stockholm University, German Salazar-Alvarez department of solid state physics Uppsala University.

Gen IV fuel stability in aqueous systems, 2018-2022, VR. Collaboration project with Mats Jonsson at the department of applied physical chemistry KTH.


Recent publications

Eleni Mitoudi-Vagourdi, Silvia Müllner, Peter Lemmens, Reinhard K. Kremer, Mats Johnsson, “Synthesis and Characterization of the Aurivillius Phase CoBi2O2F4”, Inorganic Chemistry. 57 (2018) 9115−9121.

Sk Imran Ali, Sven Lidin, Mats Johnsson, “Crystal Structure of the Disordered Non-Centrosymmetric Compound Fe0.43Mo2.56SbO9.5“, Crystals 2019, 9(1), 40.

Eleni Mitoudi-Vagourdi, Julia Rienmüller, Peter Lemmens, Vladimir Gnezdilov, Reinhard K. Kremer, Mats Johnsson, "Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of the KCu(IO3)3 Compound with [CuO5]∞ Chains", ACS Omega. 2019, 4, 12, 15168-15174.

Sathya Prakash Singh, Nikola Kanas, Temesgen D. Desissa, Mats Johnsson, Mari-Ann Einarsrud, Truls Norby, Kjell Wiik, ”Thermoelectric properties of A-deficient La-doped SrTiO3 at 100-900 oC under reducing conditions, J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 40 (2020) 401-407.

Xiaowen Yu, Eleni Mitoudi-Vagourdi, and Mats Johnsson, “The Aurivillius compound CoBi2O2F4 – an efficient catalyst for electrolytic water oxidation after liquid exfoliation”, ChemCatChem., 11 (2019) 6105-6110.

Eleni Mitoudi Vagourdi, Weiguo Zhang, Ksenia Denisova, Peter Lemmens, P. Shiv Halasyamani, and Mats Johnsson, “Synthesis and Characterization of two new SHG active iodates: K3Sc(IO3)6 and KSc(IO3)3Cl”, ACS Omega. 5 (2020), 5235-5240.


Research group members
Irina Terekhina (PhD student)
Xiaowen Yu (postdoc)


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