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I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2018. Monika Gänssbauer. Between Texts, Beyond Words. Intertextuality and Translation
  • 2020. Monika Gänssbauer, Nicholas Olczak.
  • 2019. Monika Gänssbauer. Digital Humanities and New Ways of Teaching, 3-16

    The topic of digital humanities provokes widely varying views in the German-speaking world. In Germany digitalization efforts are often limited to a regional scale. This paper presents several examples of digitalization in the humanities: the use of audio sources, weblogs, big data, and simulations. The paper also examines the dissemination of practices of digitalization in the German-speaking world. Some experts note structural problems for digital innovation in Germany. Others make a plea for the realization of achievable tasks. The third part of the paper focuses on the general discussion of digitalization in Germany. Several authors see Germany in a “digital hibernation.” Prominent intellectuals such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Frank Schirrmacher, and Harald Welzer have on the other hand become harsh critics of digitalization.

  • 2020. Michael Lackner (et al.).

    The essays collected in Fate and Prognostication in the Chinese Literary Imagination deal with the philosophical, psychological, gender and cultural issues in the Chinese conception of fate as represented in literary texts and films, with a focus placed on human efforts to solve the riddles of fate prediction. Viewed in this light, the collected essays unfold a meandering landscape of the popular imaginary in Chinese beliefs and customs. The chapters in this book represent concerted efforts in research originated from a project conducted at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

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