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Om mig

Mia Hinnerich is emplyed as Assistant Professor at Stockholm  Business School since fall 2012. Mia holds a PhD in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. She has previously served on the faculty of the School of Economics and Business at Aarhus University  and she has held  Post-doc positions at ETH Zurich, and at the Mathematics Department at Aarhus University. Hinnerich’s primary research interest is Derivatives pricing and quantitative finance. 


Hinnerich has teaching experience from ETH,  Aarhus University and Stockholm Business School including PhD, MBA, MSc and BSc courses covering Derivatives Pricing, Risk Management, Interest Rate Theory, Credit Risk Models, Optimal Portfolio Strategies and Introductory Finance.



Hinnerich’s research interest is quantitative finance and includes derivatives pricing, interest rate theory and portfolio selection theory. Her work has been presented at international conferences including the Bachelier Finance Society Congress and her work is published by international peer-review journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance.


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