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After defending his thesis at the Stockholm Business School in 2011, Ragnar Lund joined the department of History as head of the Program of Cultural Management Studies (Projektledarutbildningen). 

The course includes economic, legal and cultural perspectives on project management in the cultural and creative industries. It combines theory with real project assignments and includes international field trips.

Course modules:

- Project management in the cultural field. Theory and Method 7.5 cred

- Economic planning, organization and marketing 7.5 cred

- Project plan, written group assignment 7.5 cred

- Supervised Internship 7.5


In 2012, Ragnar was awarded the Jan Wallander Scholarship, a 3-year full time post-doc scholarship given for outstanding thesis in the economic disciplines. Post doc. at KTH (ABE - CEFIN) 


2017 Ragnar is collaborating on a research project at Harvard Business School on corporate partnerships in sports and arts.

Currently he is project manager for an international conference at KTH – the Royal Institute of Technology on cultural perspectives on sustainable urban development. The project and conference are co-funded by Formas, the Centre for the Future of Places (KTH) and partners from the private sector.


In his non-academic career, Ragnar has worked as a business consultant and project manager for many years.  


Research interest:

  • Urban strategies and cultural management 
  • Arts management and marketing
  • Cultural heritage and cites
  • Public-private-partnerships and cooperative strategies
  • Sports management and marketing 
  • Corporate sponsorship and collaborative marketing
  • Service management 
  • Financial services management

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