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Om mig

I am a PhD candidate in Italian Literature at the Department of Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University. I have recently graduated cum laude from the Research Master’s program in Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Groningen (NL); I had previously obtained my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Catania (IT) in 2016, where I started studying Italian literature. In Fall 2018, I was a research intern at the University of Ghent, in Belgium, in the framework of the ERC-funded project “Narrating the Mesh” (NARMESH).


  • Posthumanism
  • Animal Studies
  • Ecocriticism
  • New Materialism
  • Italian and International Modernism
  • Literary Cognitive Studies 
  • Reader's Engagement 
  • Enactivism 


My research focuses on non-anthropocentric conceptualizations of animality and general nonhumanity in Italian modernist literature. I build on Herman’s (2011) remodelling of Modernism through the lens of Enactivism, but instead of looking at themes and contents, I prefer to study the texts through a Neo-Formalist perspective (Levine 2015), meaning that the core of my studies points at the formal narrative innovations produced by Italian Modernism. The aim is to identify the forms used to represent nonhumanity and its relationship with humanity, so to offer new tools to represent them in today’s literature. Accordingly, I employ theories drawn from Posthumanism, Ecocriticism, Animal Studies and New Materialism, so to combine an innovative take on forms and an undertheorized topic such as nonhumanity in Italian literature.

The authors I currently have under examination are: Carlo Emilio Gadda, Italo Svevo, Federigo Tozzi, and Luigi Pirandello. On the latter, I have written a chapter in the collective volume Posthumanist Modernism: Transnational Perspectives, ed. by A. Godioli and C. Van den Bergh, Brill (forthcoming), and I have presented a paper at the 2019 edition of the annual conference of the Society for Pirandello Studies, in London.

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