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Barbara WohlfarthProfessor i kvartärgeologi

Om mig

PhD University of Cologne, Germany (1986)

Postdoctoral researcher, researcher, Assistant and Associate Professor, Lund University (1991-2002)

Professor of Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University (since 2002)


My research is in Quaternary geology and aims at better understanding the impact of natural climate variability on local and regional scales. I mainly use lake sediments as an archive and employ an array of geochemical, biological and physical methods to extract information on past climates and environments. This knowledge helps to better understand natural climate variability.


Selected publications

Yamoah, K. A., Chabangborn, A., Chawchai, S., Fritz, S., Löwemark, L., Kaboth-Bahr, S., Reimer, P. J., Smittenberg, R. H. & Wohlfarth, B. (2021): A muted El-Niño-like condition during late-MIS-3. Quaternary Science Reviews, 254, 106782.

Schenk, F., Bennike, O., Väliranta, M., #Avery, R., Björck, S. & Wohlfarth, B. (2020): Floral evidence for high summer temperatures in southern Scandinavia during 15-11 cal ka BP. Quaternary Science Reviews, 233,

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Wohlfarth, B. (2010): Ice-free conditions in Sweden during Marine Isotope Stage 3? Boreas, 39/2, 377-398. DOI: 10.1111/j.1502-3885.2009.00137.x

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