The Language Cafes

The Language Cafes will be running digitally until further notice via the e-meeting service Zoom. Our Language Cafes are free and open to all students and staff at Stockholm University. 


Join our travel-free around-the-world trip this summer. Our digital language cafes are now open for students and staff at universities within CIVIS and UNAM in Mexico, HUFS in South Korea, Osaka University and Leipzig University. 

Summer Language Cafe Schedule

The Summer Language Cafes start on 1 June and run until 7 August. The schedule will be updated continuously. Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page!


What is a language cafe?

The idea of a Language Cafe is to practise your language skills and cultural awareness by talking to native speakers and other learners, informally, over coffee or tea. The cafes are run by student native speakers on a voluntary basis. No credits are given and no teachers are present, unless they are learners, too. Welcome to participate on a regular basis or drop in spontaneously. 


Join a digital language cafe

You participate in the digital language cafes via the e-meeting service Zoom (see the next section to get started). The meeting room will open circa 10 minutes before the cafes start. You will first come to a waiting room. We will let in one person at a time and check your name, student-id and the language cafe you wish to visit, so please have your student-id ready. If you are student or staff at universities within CIVIS, UNAM in Mexico, HUFS in South Korea, Osaka University or Leipzig University, please send an email to your university's contact person to sign up:

Unfortunately, we cannot offer digital fika, so please make your own cup of coffee or tea! 🍵☕️🥛

Click here to get to the Language Cafe room.


Would you like to coordinate a language cafe in your native language? Send an email to!

Get started with Zoom

First, you need to download and install Zoom. Click here to see how you create a Zoom account and install the program.

To visit our digital language cafes, you must have your microphone and camera on. We also recommend that you use headphones or headsets.



Would you be interested in coordinating a cafe in your native language?

Photo: Språkstudion
Photo: Språkstudion

By the beginning of each term we have an information briefing for people interested in being language cafe coordinators.

The information meeting for the spring term of 2020 takes place on January 23. If you're unable to attend the meeting but want to sign up as a Language Cafe Coordinator, please contact us. You can also read more here about what it means to be a Language Cafe Coordinator.