Responsible unit: Research Support Office

Contact: Maryam Hansson Edalat

(The document has been reviewed in 2020.)

The following procedure applies to the internal processing and prioritization of applications from Stockholm University to the Wallenberg Foundations.


Applications to the Wallenberg Foundations regarding major scientific projects must, in accordance with the rules of the Foundations, first pass the internal prioritization process of the university or institution where the main applicant is employed. This procedure describes in brief the internal process at Stockholm University. The relevant Foundations are:

  • The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW)
  • The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation (MMW)
  • The Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation (MAW)
  • The Berit Wallenberg Foundation (BWS) concerning major scientific projects.

The general delegation rules of the University, as well as the rules contained in the governing documents of the University, also apply. The Staff website (Medarbetarwebben) contains information about current dates for the application procedure and supporting documents for various calls.


  1. When a call has been opened by the Wallenberg Foundations, the Research Support Office draws up a timetable and compiles information about the call and the internal process, in consultation with the Deputy Vice Presidents. The Research Support Office sends this information to the relevant Heads of Department and publishes the information on the Staff website. The Research Support Office provides assistance to the applicants and Heads of Department concerning the conditions of the grant, budget matters, research ethics, etc.
  2. The Head of Department submits the pre-proposal on a specific form via email to the Research Officer (at the Research Support Office) in charge of the specific call. The Board of Human Science and the Board of Science decide, through their respective preparatory bodies, which applicants will be allowed to write a full application. The Research Support Office notifies all applicants whether or not they can write a full application. For information in English, please contact
  3. The applicant submits a full application to the Research Support Office which examines the project budget. Further discussion, selection and decisions of any ranking order are handled in the preparatory bodies of the respective Science Board.
  4. The President takes decision about the letters of support in consultation with the Deputy Vice Presidents. The Research Support Office sends the letter of support to the applicant who attaches it to the application.
  5. Some calls require the nomination of a certain number of candidates by the University. Such applications are submitted by the University via the Research Support Office.
  6. Documents of pertinence are registered by the Research Support Office and are sent to the Registrar after the application deadline for each call.