Responsible unit: Property Management Office
Contact: Thomas Markdalen


The fire prevention policy for Stockholm University is part of the general security and risk management efforts at the university. The policy establishes the management’s intentions and overall goals for the systematic fire protection efforts for all parts of the university.

The Civil Protection Act (2003:778)  states that the owners of a property and any parties that operate there are ultimately responsibility for fire protection. This entails a responsibility to take necessary actions to prevent fires, prevent or limit damage as a result of fires, and keep a reasonable range of rescue equipment available in case of a fire.
Stockholm University’s fire prevention policy gives a general overview of how systematic fire protection work is to be carried out in order to ensure a safe and secure working environment for employees, students, and other visitors, and applies to all premises where the university operates.


This policy is intended to describe how Stockholm University follows up on fire protection efforts, prevents fires, and minimises the consequences of any fire which still arises.


  • No one shall be seriously injured or killed due to fire in Stockholm University’s operations and premises.
  • Serious disruptions in Stockholm University’s operations due to fires shall be prevented.
  • Fire protection measures shall be designed to protect property.

To meet these goals, the following conditions must be met:

  • Stockholm University’s systematic fire protection efforts shall include both preventive measures and measures to be taken in case of fire.
  • All employees shall understand, be trained in, and feel responsible for fire protection in their own part of the organisation.
  • The principle of action shall be as uniform as possible to ensure a reasonable fire protection level, that is known by employees at Stockholm University.
  • The training that the university offers to its employees shall be adapted to the needs of the university’s operations.
  • Departments, sections or equivalent shall, based on centrally issued polices carry out actionable systematic fire protection efforts (systematiskt brandskyddsarbete “SBA”) as part of its own operations.
  • In premises where the University operates, organisational and technological fire protection shall be adapted to the type of operations that take place in the premises. Stockholm University’s Property Management Office is centrally responsible for supporting departments, sections or equivalent in fire prevention matters concerning organizational and technological fire protection.  

Support function

The central support function is responsible for producing and updating central policies and support documents for the systematic fire protection work. Each respective department, section or equivalent shall be guided in its fire protection work by the central support function.

Support documents

Stockholm University’s guide, procedures, and instructions on fire safety explain how various parts of the fire prevention work is regulated and provide role designations for the local fire protection organisations.

Organisation and documentation

Departments, sections or equivalent shall be organised to clearly show how the local fire protection organisation is set up. The local fire protection organisation shall consist of the following three roles:

  • Fire protection coordinator
  • Fire protection inspector
  • Evacuation leader
  • Coordinator for flammable products

Departments, sections or equivalent shall locally conduct and document systematic fire protection efforts as part of their own operations, with the following contents:

  • Fire protection organisation
  • Training plan and exercises for employees
  • Procedures for information on fire protection for new employees
  • Evacuation plan for fire alarms and fires
  • Fire protection inspections
  • Follow-up of systematic fire protection efforts

The central support function shall provide:

  • Fire protection drawing
  • Fire protection rules


The systematic fire protection work is aligned with the line organisation in accordance with Stockholm University’s delegation policy.

It is crucial for the systematic fire protection work on a local level that the responsible manager understands how the organisational fire protection needs to be adapted based on the risks that the operations entail, and the premises where they take place. The fire protection

organisation shall then be adapted and trained to be able to handle these risks. Central training initiatives shall be offered to the various roles in a fire protection organisation.
Departments, sections or equivalent shall annually follow up on the systematic fire protection efforts within their own operations and report this to the fire safety coordinator. The fire safety coordinator compiles the fire protection work on an agency level and shall during inspections present Stockholm University’s fire protection efforts.

To allow for joint evaluation of the operations’ training needs and revise fire protection trainings, the central support function shall assess the trainings intended for fire protection coordinators, evacuation leaders, fire protection inspectors, and coordinators of flammable products.