Responsible unit: Human Resources Office

Contact: Anna-Karin Huggare

(The document has been reviewed in 2022.
2020: The title Vice-Chancellor has been changed to President.
2021: The wording head of department/equivalent refers to head of department, director subordinate to the dean, and/or head of office within the university´s administration.
The wording department/equivalent refers to department, centre organisationally placed under a faculty, and administrative office.)


The purpose of the policy is to clarify Stockholm University’s view of work environment and equal opportunity issues, and it shall constitute the basis for the common approach that is to characterise the work environment and equal opportunity efforts at the university. The policy has its point of departure in the Work Environment Act, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s code of statutes and the Discrimination Act.

Based on its Work Environment and Equal Opportunities Policy, it is the aim of Stockholm University to create a safe and inspiring work and study environment. This assumes that all managers, employees and students will actively participate for the purpose of creating an all-inclusive work and study environment. The term ‘equal opportunities’ refers to the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for all employees and students regardless of their gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Work environment and equal opportunity policy

Stockholm University shall offer good conditions and opportunities for employees and students. The work and study environment shall safeguard the resources that employees and students with different backgrounds, life situations and expertise add to the university. Everyone shall treat each other respectfully and at Stockholm University there is a zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation.

The work environment and equal opportunity work at Stockholm University shall have a preventive focus and all employees and students shall jointly take responsibility for the university’s strive to continuously improve the work and study environment. We form each other’s work environment and all employees and students are responsible for actively contributing to a good physical, organisational and social work environment.


Every manager, employee and student is expected to take personal responsibility for the shared work and study environment and contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

The Vice-Chancellor is ultimately responsible for compliance with the provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Act and the Discrimination Act. To be able to ensure this, the Vice-Chancellor has assigned tasks concerning the work environment and equal opportunities to the deputy vice-chancellor, the deans and the University Director, who in turn delegate tasks to department heads and the equivalent. The head of department/equivalent can choose to further delegate tasks to other managers at their department/equivalent.

All employees and students at Stockholm University have an obligation to comply with the laws and regulations that exist in the work environment and discrimination field, and to comply with the policies, rules and guidelines/equivalent that the employer/education provider has enacted.