Science|Business is a network of organizations from industry, research and innovation as well as policy makers operating at both European and national level. Through Science|Business, Stockholm University has access to a new platform where the latest developments in research and innovation policy and practice, including the European Union’s current and future framework programs, are discussed. You may be contacted by the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovations Services (REIS) when Science|Business is looking for experts in various fields or participants in informal meetings with, as an example, the European Commission.

Science|Business, founded in 2005, also offers news services, event programs and highly effective reports and white papers, as well as giving members the opportunity to convey their messages to international decision-makers. Membership also increases Stockholm University's visibility as Science|Business publishes some of the university's press releases. You can also send them other news.

Some examples of other members are: Microsoft, Pfizer, Toyota, the European Investment Bank, CERN, Innovate UK, The Guild, and Stockholm University's partners within the Stockholm Trio: Karolinska Institutet and the Royal Institute of Technology.

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