Information på svenska om forskningsfinansiering

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Routines for externally funded research

Here we want to clarify processes concerning external research funding for you who are head of department, administrative manager and individual researcher.

Governing documents for research funding and infrastructure

There are a number of guidelines regarding co-financing and research infrastructure at SU. Here you can also find the processing procedure for applications and to the Wallenberg Foundations and the EU. 


Research Professional

Research Professional is an internet database where researchers at Stockholm University can find funding opportunities for their projects. Read more about Research Professional here.



A portal for you who are applying for research funding from Swedish funders. Read more about Prisma here

Budget calculation

Here are some general tips that are good to keep in mind when budgeting the costs of a research application. The research funders all have different rules regarding which costs in the application they finance and how much of these costs they finance. Therefore, it is always good to find out which costs the funder approves and how large the compensation is. Here you will also find the university's project budget template. If you have any questions regarding the budget in your research application, you are always welcome to contact the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services.


For support regarding research funding please contact the Office of Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS) at