Stockholm University’s fire protection policy is part of the general security and risk management efforts at the university. The policy establishes the management’s intentions and overall goals for the systematic fire protection efforts for all parts of the university.

Fire protection organisation

Each department or division at the university must have its own fire protection organisation. In its simplest form, this must consist of a fire protection officer, a fire protection inspector and an evacuation manager. Activities that entail more serious injury risks or consequences in the event of fires require more levels of protection in their fire protection organisation. Coordination, training, advice and operational support in fire safety issues are offered by the Security Team.  

Questions about fire safety

If you have questions about fire safety, you can contact Thomas Markdalen, Fire Safety Coordinator, via 08-16 11 18 or

Evacuation in case of fire

In the evacuation routine, you will find information on how to act when the evacuation alarm sounds and a fire has broken out. The evacuation routine has been developed to make it easier for staff and students to act in a systematic and safe manner in an evacuation situation.

Training courses

Current fire safety training offered:

For requests for separate training opportunities, for specific groups, or courses in English. Please contact Thomas Markdalen, fire safety coordinator: