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On the 14th of October, we will have Professor Peter Fransson from Karolinska Institute to give a seminar about resting-state fMRI. Welcome to join us!

Professor Peter Fransson's research group focuses at studying the neuronal network architecture that underlay human brain function (the human brain connectome). They apply functional connectivity MRI, structural connectivity (diffusion-weighted) MRI as well as EEG/MEG methods to study the hierarchical network organization of the human brain at rest as well as during task performance.

Selected Publications

Temporal flow of hubs and connectivity in the human brain.
Fransson P, Thompson WH
Neuroimage 2020 12;223():117348

Dynamic synergetic configurations of resting-state networks in ADHD.
Kaboodvand N, Iravani B, Fransson P
Neuroimage 2020 02;207():116347

Adaptive frequency-based modeling of whole-brain oscillations: Predicting regional vulnerability and hazardousness rates.
Kaboodvand N, van den Heuvel MP, Fransson P
Netw Neurosci 2019 ;3(4):1094-1120