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Stockholm University´s employees have of course meetings. Theese meetings require us to travel. Our business travels add to the emission of greenhouse gases with a negative impact on the climate.

Considering the environment does not mean you should stop traveling, but consider the travel option with the least possible impact on the environment. Can you take a train instead of flying? Can you use public transport instead of taking a taxi? Do you have to travel at all?

Is it possible to have a travel-free-meeting (i.e. to replace a trip with, for example, a video conference)?

Some advice along the way:

  • Have travel-free meetings, i.e. conference calls, video meetings or video conferences.
  • Travel by train for distances shorter than 500 kilometers.
  • Avoid layovers when travelling by air.
  • Use public transport and always choose a green taxi.
  • When renting a car, choose a green car.


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