Photo: Hans Andersson Recycling AB


Corrugated cardboard is paperboard with a corrugated middle layer. Paper containers are containers like cereal, juice, milk and pizza cartons.

Contaminated material (contaminated with, for example, chemicals, radioactive waste or infectious waste) is absolutely not included here and must be handled on the basis of the contamination, se “Part for laboratory activities”.


Cardboard and paper containers are deposited at the nearest waste management centre or placed in the recycling container provided at the department.

If possible, remove tape and other material adhering to the cardboard. The paper containers must be clean and dry before being deposited for recycling.


The collection point and waste management centre must be marked with a descriptive text (Swedish and English) and/or a symbol.

Storage at waste management centres
Plastic recycling containers 660 litres. No special requirements.


Recycling containers for cardboard are collected by the waste contractor from the department or at the nearest waste management centre. Cardboard and paper containers then go to the large recycling centre under Aula Magna.

Final disposal

The cardboard and paper containers go to recycling. The material is separated first and then becomes new raw material. New cardboard, new containers and the surface layer of gypsum board are made from the recycled pulp.

Specific legislation

SFS 2014:1073 Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging.