Refrigerators and freezers contain coolants that can harm the ozone layer and are classified as hazardous waste.


End-of life refrigerators and freezers are collected at the department. A collection order is made to the Goods Reception via Serviceportalen

If refrigerators or freezers have been used in laboratory activities, the person depositing the refrigerators or freezers must sign a certificate that they are not contaminated and do not contain dangerous components. Use the Certificate for electrical laboratory equipment

If unsure whether the equipment is contaminated or not contact the hazardous waste contractor for assessment and possible collection.


The collection point must be marked with a descriptive text (Swedish and English) and/or a symbol.

Storage at waste management centres

End-of-life refrigerators or freezers must be handled with care and stored upright to avoid and coolant leakage.


End-of-life refrigerators or freezers are driven down to the recycling centre under Aula Magna. Then the end-of-life refrigerators and freezers are transported to an intermediate storage centre. After that the end-of-life refrigerators and freezers are taken to Svensk freonåtervinning for final disposal.

Final disposal

End-of-life refrigerators and freezers are first emptied of coolant and then cut apart. The coolant is disposed of in an environmentally correct way. The plastic goes to combustion for energy recovery and the metal is reused and made into new metal products.

Specific legislation

SFS 2014:1075 Ordinance on Producer responsibility for electric equipment

SFS 2016:1128 Ordinance on flourinated greenhouse gases

SFS 2012:259 Ordinance on environmental sanction charges